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Wishcation (I): S is for…

This is one of my favorite quotes on travel, and something I remind not just myself about, but my kids as well. As a family, we’re not into extreme adventure or choosing holiday destinations based on popularity. Budget is always taken into account first, and once we’re there, experiencing what the country has to offer and learning from it is something we all enjoy. The huz and I don’t see much point in taking the kids to places where all they’ll do is eat what they always eat at home, do the same fun things they do at home, and walk from one tourist site to the next like zombies.

Personally, I may have my bucket list with a lot of popular destinations on it, but you’ll also find a lot of far out places, and many that are tucked into little spots on the globe. I’m naturally drawn to islands and endless stretches of beaches, and I love visiting any place that has a good balance of quiet and life. The former because to truly relax, I need to be able to hear myself think, and the latter because I’m a people watcher and am always excited about getting to know people from any and everywhere. Hanging out with the locals in whatever place we visit, is something we as a family love to do. Those friendships last a lifetime.

So, after my post the other day, I got a a few letters and those included two S’s, so we’ll begin with that letter for our Wishcation bucket list adds. If you think this one was easy to pick, then I’ll advise you to run a quick Google check on just how many places begin with the letter S in this world of ours. It’s insane. Dear place-naming people, there are other alphabets! 😆

Let’s start with an image?

I can imagine myself lazing in that for two weeks. 😉

This gorgeous piece of beach is nestled somewhere in the Samoan Islands, which are an archipelago in the South Pacific, a part of Polynesia and Oceania.

When I saw the pictures, I really didn’t care where this place was, I knew I had to add it to my bucket list. There is no way those kinds of blue waters would not grab my attention and steal my heart.

I did a quick search and found even more pretty pictures of stunning coastlines and a gorgeous untouched paradise.

So, I guess when I visit my family in New Zealand, I may make a pit stop first. 😉

I didn’t know much about the food in the Samoan Islands, but I have heard that it’s considered delicacies in many parts of the world. After another check, I see the Polynesian influence is heavy, and also being a classic tropical paradise, there’s an abundance of seafood, and organic fruits and vegetables.

And, of course we must never forget the drinks. 😉

As far as culture goes, the Samoans are well known for three things. Faith, family and music. They mostly practice a communal way of life, and entertainment includes music and dance and general togetherness. I won’t comment on that too much, because like I said above, when it comes to people I like to see and learn for myself.

I’m a little short on time today, so just a quick glance over some Samoan fashion picks (because Chan would kill me if I didn’t include that.) I’ll leave the posts on traditional dresses to her though.

I should be on that beach wearing those and sipping a pineapple Vaifala!

And, then go shopping for these.

And, these.

But, before I end, I just have to toss in this literary fun fact. The quote at the top is by the famous (and one of my childhood favorite) authors R.L Stevenson who lived in Samoa for four years before he died there. Given the name Tusitala which means Teller of Tales, Stevenson was well loved in Samoa. There is even a song of grief still sung in his memory apparently. His home in Vailima was eventually converted into a museum, with a path leading to his grave site on Mount Vaea, which overlooks the sea.

So, bucket list: Samoan Islands. For sure.

Special thanks to LadyRjigthakkar for your suggestions (I hope you liked my pick.) I’ve kept the letter I on the list and will get to it soon.

I had a lot of fun doing this post, and I hope you all enjoyed it and maybe daydreamed a little. I know I did. 😆

Till our next Wishcation destination.



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I was back to check on the blog today, reading comments and responding etc. (Such sweethearts you all are. Thank you for not beating our asses with abuse.)

But, I also cringed at the layout/theme here and OMG why didn’t any of you say anything? Isn’t it an eyesore to read off? It’s like wading through sludge and more sludge. I have to change everything.


Btw, I peeked into the post section (by which I mean I openly snooped to see what Chan was up to,) and she already has a blog post draft in the works, complete with Christmassy title and all.

I guess I need to go jump into my Christmas decoration boxes and see if inspiration gives me a hug. Maybe I should make some early eggnog.

Who has brandy?


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Where are all the Christmas Posts?

I have no idea what could be holding the two big upholders of Christmas back. It’s December 5th already, and there’s nothing on this site which even suggests the festive season is just.round.the.fucking.corner. Except the timely WordPress snow all over the blog.

Wtf is happening?

I mean, hello… CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!

So, since, it’s totally normal to start throwing blame for anything that’s lacking, I feel the blame for all the absent Christmas posts should go to Chan.

Of course, I say that only because I got to the ‘Add New Post’ section first, but hey, I have waayyyyy too much responsibility on my shoulders right now, and the weight of those four tickets is just killing me.

Did I say tickets?

Yeah, the huz is nodding. I said tickets (like literally out loud as I typed. It’s like LOL only in this case TOL.)

Anyway, blah blah and back to tickets. Four tickets to be precise, because when is life ever fair without your children tagging along everywhere with you right? I mean, Jesus Christ, just let Mom go on a little getaway to Sri Lanka all by herself why don’t you?

OMG did I say Sri Lanka?

You should see how much I’m grinning right now. It’s like this big, ghastly grin of gleefulness all over my face. It’s actually been there for the last few days since our visas came in.

So, long story short.

It’s Christmas in Colombo, baby!

But, bigger than that… and I’m talking huge, mega, out-of-this-fucking-world epic… This is going to be the first ever DW Writers meet up. Chan and I finally get to meet after way too many years of being online besties and all that crap.

To answer your burning questions… Yes, we will be documenting all our precious moments together, yes there will be a lot of live blogging going on (you’ll catch most of it on Instagram and Twitter, but also here on the DW blog when time permits), and yes you get to be part of all the fun, drama, excitement and festiveness this year too. Only bigger and better.

So, while it’s been a long time since we’ve posted here, we hope what’s coming up will have made your wait worthwhile.

As always, thanks for being here and sticking with us, and we hope you plan to spend some of your Christmas with us too.

Happy Holidays to everyone!



P.S. It’s a few weeks to takeoff for me, so I’m a manic OCD mess as usual. Will try and post pre-take off updates when I can.