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Holiday Mania

Today, we’re exactly ten days to Christmas Eve, and as you all can see, this little fact has begun to have its usual effect on Chan.


It began with the shoes, or rather, shoessssssssssss!!! and I knew the last shreds of sanity were leaving her. Then, last night when I logged into DW, I saw her latest ‘Red Alert!’ post and actually paused for a second. That of course cannot be helped, because I am from Karachi where we’re conditioned to think the worst when we see such headlines. Did ‘Red Alert’ mean the blog was about to explode? Had Rudolph strapped on a suicide vest to get even with the rest of the reindeer who made fun of him? Were cricketers in other countries also turning to rabble-rousing politics and encouraging their nations to party under the guise of protest? What was happening?

Thankfully, her post turned out to be about nail polish, Christian Louboutin’s famous red sole, and how Christmas is red whereas the other day it was a Tiffany blue. Noticing the swiftly changing moods, my worst fears were confirmed. The Christmas Crazies have gotten Chan!

Brace yourselves, because there is no turning back.

Also, I’m there for you all (and at great risk to my clothes closet might I add), and I will help you cope. Promise.

Over time I’ve learned there’s really no other way to deal with Chan’s manic love for all things Christmas, except if one is slightly tipsy, or well and truly drunk. That way when her mania grabs you and attempts to drown you in peppermint scented lipgloss and Holiday ‘must haves’ from every designer known to womenkind, you don’t mind so much because you’re already drowning in buckets of egg nog.

As you can see, I’m not so good at making excuses for drinking during the holidays (and shamelessly blame Chan for all my own shortcomings). However, I’m better at making cocktails and handing them out to everyone.

So, sticking to the current theme from my friend who among other things adds big splashes of (fashionable) colour to my life, here’s some red for all of you and her.


085140852d31dfe6d59a3f8c6e9e0261Honey-crisp Apple Sangria

491ed1ea1456a17636813f73d36de9ecRaspberry Lychee Sorbet (Champagne Float)

f6a0a93a71a58e3ce0abc8e87bb549d9Cranberry Gin Fizz

896085a80f611ec7e588403d683fdd54Raspberry Ginger Belini

c50b5610223954ef0f2c9ce4c7a09c5bPomegranate Champagne

*Click pictures for recipes. – All images courtesy of Pinterest.






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