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The Road Not Taken

I am currently on holiday with the family, traveling up north into the beautiful mountains of Pakistan. My Christmas present from the huz. ❤

First stop: Our gorgeous capital Islamabad.

Am sharing a little video I made on my morning walk today. I’ll be updating more on Instagram as well as posting updates of my winter travels here on the blog. 



Rustic Christmas Decorations

I have always been thrilled by the idea of renting a cottage in some wintry place with snow all around and pine trees. And whenever I see in movies I see even very rich people have this very rustic setting and I must say this is one thing that has always charmed me. There is something very natural about the wood, the snow and green pine leaves dotted with red. It instantly spells comfort.. for me at least. And strangely its seems it seems very lived in and warm. Even though it could be a place you are renting for a week. I just love this vibe… makes me yearn for hot chocolate and a old Famous Five adventure from Enid Blyton.


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I Thrill with every word, every line…

Well, Chan’s Christmas song post got me all nostalgic. 🙂

Some of my earliest memories of Christmas are steeped in music, probably because everyone from my parents and grandparents, to great uncles and aunts were all music lovers, with a number of musicians in the mix.

Come each December, and as soon as the winds turned chilly, the tunes on our tape player at home would change. Festive, sentimental, bawdy, you name it, we played it. Christmas was a time for all things beautiful, and it will always remain so in our family. If there is one time in the year when people all over the world can and do come together regardless of race, religion, culture or any of that, and they do it in wonderful examples of peace and love, it’s the holidays. And, there’s no better bridge to connect souls in such harmony than music.

The holiday season in our home though, always kicked off with two special Christmas albums. My parents were both huge fans of these particular artists, and playing their music first became a sort of tradition for us. In fact, it played so much, that even now if I hear a song from the albums sung by anyone else, I expect the one listed next to always play after, kwim? LOL

I’ve rarely begun my own holiday celebrations without blasting these two albums at high volume, because I’m old school to the core, and proud. In these albums, there’s something for everyone, some spiritual numbers, the more funky and dance-able tunes and soft wintry melodies, to family centered warmth and heart-tugging renditions of old and never forgotten romances.

I have a list of favorites in these albums, music which reminds me of my childhood and youth, my grandparents, parents, relatives, our neighbors and friends, all gathered together, sharing, dancing, laughing, and enjoying things of and from the heart. Because, it’s never about what you buy or have/don’t have, is it? It’s always who you’re with, who has chosen to be there with you, and what you do with that time together.

Now, I listen to these beautiful old songs with my children who being a bit older, are starting to appreciate the sentiment behind them, and when they attempt those same songs on their musical instruments when they come together to play with their dad in the evenings, it just melts my heart. There is no better feeling than watching beautiful moments of your own history coming to life again through your kids. Tradition is heart, and all hearts return home at Christmas.

Best of all, I hear my children sing along to the songs whenever or wherever they hear them, or join me in dancing to the more upbeat tunes, and again… Tradition. ❤

I hope you listen to the albums below and enjoy them as much as we did and still do in our home. I look forward to you sharing your favorite picks in the comment box with me, and wish you all wonderfully warm moments of beautiful reminisce this Christmas season.

Much love,



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You all saved the date, didn’t you?

Good, because we’re having an Ugly Christmas Sweater party here today.

All you have to do is one of the following (or all)

  1. Post a picture of yourself in your ugliest Christmas sweater (you can leave your face out of the pic if you like)
  2. Post a picture of someone you like/love in their ugliest Christmas sweater that you hate. (Again, leave out the face if you wish)
  3. Post a picture of the ugliest Christmas sweater you have ever seen.
  4. Search out “Ugly Christmas Sweater” on Google and link me up to the green-ist, most hideous one you find.

The winner will get a special invitation from me to “something” in 2018 (and maybe a thousand links from Chan on where to find sweaters that are appropriate to wear in private and public :D)

So… GO!

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas now…

If there is one song that defines the holiday season and sends chills down my spine regardless of who sings it is ” Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

It was first sung by Judy Garland and appeared in a scene in the classic Meet Me in St. Louis. In which a family is distraught by the father’s plans to move to New York City for a job promotion, leaving behind their beloved home in St. Louis, Missouri, just before the long-anticipated 1904 World’s Fair begins. In a scene set on Christmas Eve, Judy Garland’s character, Esther, sings the song to cheer up her sad little five-year-old sister. Then Frank Sinatra did a version which is immortalized.

Many people have done some amazing renditions of this classic and I thought I will share with you some of my favourites.

So Enjoy and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!



1) Judy Garland

2) Doris Day

3) Christina Aguilera & Brian McKnight

4) Frank Sinatra

5)Luther Vandross

6) Toni Braxton

7) Kenny G

8) Michael Buble

9) Martina McBride

10) Ariana Grande

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Save the Tree Christmas!

I know Anne is going to be aghast but I was looking at modern Christmas decor ideas and was thinking maybe its  nice if we actually don’t cut trees.


*Shocked Stares*

Ok don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than the smell of a Christmas tree in my living room. It’s what makes it so Christmassy and the food of course. Even though I am living in a tropical island and there is nothing even remotely winter-ly, its bright sunshine with the occasional thundershower. Decor that looks magical in winter weather looks almost garish… but through all this its the tree and the smell that makes it Christmas for us. But given the fact that every year millions of trees are cut and discarded after a few weeks makes me wonder if its a bad idea after all. I mean given the environmental issues we are having, shouldn’t we do everything we can to save the trees??

Although the plastic trees are an option and you do get some fabulous ones its NEVER the same.

There is nothing more pissing off than the plastic tree when you cant get the real one and given the circumstances maybe these modern ideas are better.

I am pretty sure I am contradicting myself and I am damn sure I have made a post in the past saying that Christmas is NOT Christmas without a tree. BUT maybe its time to move on and not hang on to the old.

I am wincing in anticipation of the blow that is going to come from Anne. *grimaces and makes a fierce face*