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Hey guys! How is everyone doing?Β It’s been a while, but what else is new here on DW right? We turn up, we post, we vanish. Lather, rinse repeat.Β Such is life though, and I know everyone here can relate to how insanely hectic life can and does become. When does the madness stop amirite?

I think I’ve been MIA since July?

There’s no excuse.

Okay, there is. I needed some time to get used to a new kind of normal in our lives and that has been a bit more draining than I thought it would be. Mostly because I found myself going in one direction schedule-wise, while my kids went off in another, and frankly it’s been a challenge for everyone to meet halfway. After spending all these years keeping a majority of my focus home-based and on balancing things out for all four of us, this new work/kids/home/family equation bitch-slapped the shit out of me.

Sorting four different and brimming schedules into one streamlined and organized calendar was the first slap. The lack of downtime was another, and then of course there was the matter of dealing with twin teenagers through it all. Big opinions, big decisions, everything is life or death. God help me, but there were days when all I wanted to do was burn my Google calendar and jump out of a window into moving traffic.

But, y’all know I can only take a couple of bitch-slaps before I start punching back right? πŸ˜‰ So, I did, and life has begun to slowly ease back into some semblance of sanity.

So, yeah it’s been a rough few months in some ways, but not entirely crappy either. I think it was really just a sudden change for everyone at home after years of doing/being a certain way and especially having me present all the time. There was bound to be some chaos when I stepped out.

I won’t say I regret it, because I don’t. This was a much needed change, and despite the insanity it brought with it, there have also been some welcome revelations. The biggest one being that my kids are more resilient than I thought. They’re also pretty amazing human beings, independent in ways I never expected, responsible and level-headed, reasonable and most importantly, they’re not snot-nosed little assholes and I’m taking all the credit for that. πŸ˜€

Coming to how I’ve been faring work-wise. Well… It’s been… Interesting.

Actually, interesting, fun, challenging and a little bit fabulous too.

The challenge was me having to leave behind my daily 8:00 am coffee and quiet writing and instead walk into a classroom full of teenage boys who can be really loud. Thankfully, I slaughtered none of them in the last four months, and still have coffee at 8:00. Also, the loud chatter fades to silence soon after I walk into the classroom, but for the scraping of chairs.

I take that as a win. πŸ˜‰

Fun and fabulous? Truth be told, I teach a great bunch of kids, some with razor-sharp minds and others with a thirst for learning. Aside from just Literature and History, I’ve run two pretty successful events with them in the last few months. One was when we all headed to the beach for a clean-up operation and some sun/sand and relaxation, and the other was a Cosplay Bonfire night at school which they threw themselves into with so much zeal, it was awesome. I’m looking forward to lots more fun times with the additional bunch of kids I’ve acquired through work.

The interesting part about this new job?

Sharing work space with the Huz.



Haha I know! Going from having him out of the house for a majority of the day for fourteen years, to now sharing most of the day with him in an official capacity is just…

Interesting. πŸ˜‰

But, that’s fodder for another post altogether, so I’ll leave y’all with a promise of a juicy update that soon.

Till then,

Lots of love, huggles & kissels.