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Hey guys sorry I have been away.. I don’t know why but each time Anne and I plan to do something on the blog some other thing crops up. I have been meaning to do a post for a while and feel guilty. Just got back from work after another long day. It seems I have had five months of this.. hopefully the tide will turn for the better soon. I thought I will share some pics of a recent trip I did since I am also missing that. Hope all of you are doing well please let us know. I miss that I am out of loop with you guys who have always been there despite my absence.

We have been meaning to talk about the stuff we are currently writing being inspired by etc. will do that soon



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Ballet’s unlikeliest star takes her final bow from stage

Marie- Agnes Gillot is a woman who overcame incredible obstacles to become a Prima Ballerina of Paris Opera Ballet. She retired from stage on the 31st of March after a 3 decades as a dancer.

Throughout her illustrious career she has danced with broken bones, battled double scoliosis and continued to rehearse while seven months pregnant.

“Dancing, she says is a passion that began when her mother enrolled her in ballet classes at the age of 5. “I loved it immediately,” 

“But it wasn’t about tutus or posters of ballerinas. It was the physicality, the discipline, the sweat and the grace.”

As a child she discovered she had double scoliosis which required her to be in a tight corset for up to 6 hours a day. She had to hide her illness from her teachers and other students to succeed as a balerina in the intensely competitive world of ballet. It is an art form that pursues ultimate perfection after all. She says that one day she fears that she will ultimately return to the corset unless she has an operation to put a metal rod in her spine to stop it from curving.

“Nobody gave me a free pass”

In fact she did not make it as a principal dancer till she was 28, which is considered quite old in the dance world. She was considered to be too tall, too broad, etc etc but finally they gave her a chance because she was in fact the best.

What I loved is her spirit…strength, dedication, passion, creativity and love for her craft.

She says her motto in life is “It is within the fall that I rise”

I find this so moving. It is all within us after all… The power to conquer, to overcome is within you.


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One of the most unforgettable places and moments of my life. Coco Chanel’s staircase on the flagship store 31 Rue de Cambon, Paris.

They do not let you go up to the apartment, only the Gods are allowed 🙂 But it was pretty special. I have been to many high end fashion stores and most of them are very snobby. But I have to tell you when I walked into this Paris store I felt on top of the world. They welcome you in that tantalizing accent and say “Bonjor Welcome to Chaneeeel!” and from that moment on it’s like YOU are a celebrity. I never expected it from highest of the high end fashion names in the world. In fact I felt almost nervous to be there.

They had all these wonderful clothes and I told the sales girl.. “look I don’t want to waste your time, I can’t afford to buy these but can I at least touch it?” It was the latest collection.. Paris Fashion Week had just ended. And she was like “Of course. Try them on!” And I did. I tried on some divine jackets. I don’t really know how they make it but they are so light and look like jewels. I didn’t think I could love Chanel more but after this visit I loved them more. I loved the fact that the spirit of what Coco Chanel lives on. Her ideals her vision for women. The fact she made fashion accessible and that she was modern and she will remain forever the modern woman.

One thing to note. It is only in this store in the entire world that they give the white packaging. Everywhere else in the world it is black. It is because it’s their flagship store. So you have to go there and buy to get it. So even the packaging is extra special and yes I knew about it and made sure I went all the way there to make my first purchase. #DreamComeTrue #BucketListMoment #Chanel