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Royal Cake

According to news reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake is about to send tradition packing with a more seasonal flavor of lemon and elderflower with a buttercream icing, instead of plain old fruitcake. There’s also an auction of royal wedding cake slices taking place in Britain if anyone’s interested. (I am not being offered commission for this post, I’m just being nice.)

Apparently, people who attended all the royal weddings (dating back to 1973) have submitted the cake slices they saved and froze for the auction. And, people are going to pay for this… In the thousands.

So, on that note. I too attended William & Kate’s wedding and I have two slices of their cake. Inbox me for a private auction and a pic of proof of me in my feathery hat nibbling on a slice while Charles tried to hit on me and Camilla gave me a “Bitch, please. I’ve competed with better and won” look.

Anyway… Coming to the seasonal wedding cake for Harry and Meghan, I have to say great choice in flavors. Fresh, crisp and sweet. It about sums them up as a couple don’t you think? Please say yes, because I’ve about had it with some women telling me this wedding is “not a big deal” and they “can’t be bothered with it/her” as if royal weddings take place every day and their incessant lunch sandwich pics are more glamorous.

Although, I think they may have a point. Tiana and Jasmine already got their HEAs and that Chopra chick was at Cannes again. What more do we WOC want dammit?

Don’t laugh. I spent way too much time on FuckMyLifeBook yesterday trying not to get looked down upon for my interest in the royal wedding. – I know, I know, I should have refrained and baked a cake instead, but I couldn’t resist letting my colonized conditioning put in an appearance. 😉

*crickets chirp in the Indian/Pakistani section* –

Aaaannnnd… Moving along. 😆

However… (You knew this was coming)

When I imagine that beautiful concoction of a wedding cake, which everyone will be oohing and aahing over (and saving their pennies for the piece going to auction) I also can’t help but think of…

Who here has made the connection yet? Anyone? No? WHY?

Lemon Sherbet.

Snape’s sucked-on lemons in a paper bag lunches?

The ELDER wand?

Dumbledore’s favorite sweet, Snape never making lemonade, AND Voldy’s death stick? Come on, people!! This is not coincidence. This is HUGE.

Now join me in congratulating Harry, and me for always knowing Ginny got tired of waiting for the dimwit.



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Mother’s Day 2k18

“But there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But, behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.”  – Mitch Albom

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Where are all the Christmas Posts?

I have no idea what could be holding the two big upholders of Christmas back. It’s December 5th already, and there’s nothing on this site which even suggests the festive season is just.round.the.fucking.corner. Except the timely WordPress snow all over the blog.

Wtf is happening?

I mean, hello… CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!

So, since, it’s totally normal to start throwing blame for anything that’s lacking, I feel the blame for all the absent Christmas posts should go to Chan.

Of course, I say that only because I got to the ‘Add New Post’ section first, but hey, I have waayyyyy too much responsibility on my shoulders right now, and the weight of those four tickets is just killing me.

Did I say tickets?

Yeah, the huz is nodding. I said tickets (like literally out loud as I typed. It’s like LOL only in this case TOL.)

Anyway, blah blah and back to tickets. Four tickets to be precise, because when is life ever fair without your children tagging along everywhere with you right? I mean, Jesus Christ, just let Mom go on a little getaway to Sri Lanka all by herself why don’t you?

OMG did I say Sri Lanka?

You should see how much I’m grinning right now. It’s like this big, ghastly grin of gleefulness all over my face. It’s actually been there for the last few days since our visas came in.

So, long story short.

It’s Christmas in Colombo, baby!

But, bigger than that… and I’m talking huge, mega, out-of-this-fucking-world epic… This is going to be the first ever DW Writers meet up. Chan and I finally get to meet after way too many years of being online besties and all that crap.

To answer your burning questions… Yes, we will be documenting all our precious moments together, yes there will be a lot of live blogging going on (you’ll catch most of it on Instagram and Twitter, but also here on the DW blog when time permits), and yes you get to be part of all the fun, drama, excitement and festiveness this year too. Only bigger and better.

So, while it’s been a long time since we’ve posted here, we hope what’s coming up will have made your wait worthwhile.

As always, thanks for being here and sticking with us, and we hope you plan to spend some of your Christmas with us too.

Happy Holidays to everyone!



P.S. It’s a few weeks to takeoff for me, so I’m a manic OCD mess as usual. Will try and post pre-take off updates when I can.