Anne, Chan, Christmas 2018

Wish you all a very Happy New Year – Anne& Chan

So excited to share this with all of you and feeling super blessed that we got to meet again this year and catch up in person. It is very rarely that this sort of this happens because we met over a blog and through our mutual passion for reading and writing brought us together. Then we became great friends and joint authors of this blog but to be actually able to meet face to face is almost a miracle and to have done this twice, makes us feel truly blessed and grateful. The past few years and 2018 has been a roller coaster year for both of us, work, travel, life itself. Hardly having time to keep up with everything that is happening and then having to always be on top of it. Takes a toll but there are the simple joys that somehow seem to make everything better and brighter, like meeting a great friend after a long time. So glad we got the opportunity to spend Christmas and soon New Year together. 

Wish all of you wonderful readers a very Happy 2019!

We hope to be back with a lot more than we have been able to do this year.

Love you all!

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Queen of Soul : Aretha Franklin

Last night Aretha Frankin passed away at the age of 76.

I have been a great admirer of her for many years and without perhaps knowing fully well how to articulate it i always felt she had Power. Power, swagger, sexiness, grit. There are many powerful singers but when Aretha sang it was different. She always sounds powerful and strong. Even if its a love song, even if its a plea, it’s strong yet feminine. There is lightness, its not all heavy , when she sings it’s like she is surfing the melody, She makes it her own and commands R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

I guess that has been the greatest thing about her music for me. The delivery. When I listen to Aretha I understand soul. It changes you.

There are so many articles on the internet eulogizing this incomparable artist and I am sharing the NY Times article here because I think this resonated with me the most.

We will never see the likes or her again but her music.. her soul will live on. I have listed most of my favourite songs of hers.. which I have been listening to since morning….








Hello from a M.I.A writer

Hey guys sorry I have been away.. I don’t know why but each time Anne and I plan to do something on the blog some other thing crops up. I have been meaning to do a post for a while and feel guilty. Just got back from work after another long day. It seems I have had five months of this.. hopefully the tide will turn for the better soon. I thought I will share some pics of a recent trip I did since I am also missing that. Hope all of you are doing well please let us know. I miss that I am out of loop with you guys who have always been there despite my absence.

We have been meaning to talk about the stuff we are currently writing being inspired by etc. will do that soon



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THAT Dress

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There is something about Royal Weddings that fascinates me and I guess billions of others. The first one I remember watching was of Prince Charles and Princess Diana as a child. Somehow I expect Royalty to put on a show like this. There is so much of the fairy tale and the pomp and pageantry. But what we saw on Saturday was something quite different and somehow much better. There was such a relaxed tone to everything and though there was tradition there was diversity and an embracing of two different worlds and it was beautiful. But most importantly there was a show of real love for once. Simple unmasked joy and happiness. This is what weddings are supposed to be despite the fragility of the institution of marriage in the 21st century.

Like all weddings the thing that everyone awaits is the dress of the bride. And as always people have mixed reactions but I think on the whole everyone agrees that what Meghan wore was simply stunning!!

What I LOVED about the whole look was the fact that it seemed a extension of her usual style. Since her engagement we have seen her in fabulous outfits but despite protocol she always manages to put together something that is very proper, chic yet sexy. The wedding dress was just that. Its simplicity set off her natural beauty and great figure to perfection. The veil added all the drama and romance and her Prince simply said ” You look amazing, I am so lucky!” *faints*. I also love the fact that is felt so “not trying so hard” like you would expect her to be pressured into. Considering the frenzy with Kate’s dress etc. There was bound to be comparisons and expectations to outdo. But the simplicity of it outshone everything else. In whatever angle you look the dress is pure sophistication, elegance and a study in understatement. Her hair and jewelry was just right too.

I come from a country where wedding dressing is always so OTT and I have always admired the simplicity of western weddings, the celebration of naturalness. I loved that her face was almost bare. Her natural beauty shone through.

Although I was bowled over by the wedding dress what I loved was the sassy Stella McCartney one she changed into for the evening function. She wore one stunning ring, her hair in her trademark done- undone chignon, With Prince Harry in a tuxedo and THAT Jaguar E-type (Swoooooooooon) was such a James Bond-ish finish to the superb day. So stylish, timelss and classy.

The whole thing felt so real. It had love, romance, modernity and just the right amount of sexiness.