42 thoughts on “Reopened!”

  1. Hello! New reader here! I have been following your blog but I haven’t actually read any of your fiction which I would like to remedy now. You guys are legends, sort of veterans in the IPK fandom and I have heard only great things about you and your writings. I would really, really love it if I could get a chance to join you people on this journey. Please do let me know what I can do to get access to the lounge.

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  2. What’s this? What’s this?
    Does the eye deceive?
    For I see before me…

    The promise!
    The joy!
    Of sweet flowing
    midnight ink

    It’s Xmas, It’s Xmas,
    Xmas in February for us.
    Now I will just…

    Drop all
    Wiggle into St. John
    Slip into the Choo
    A spritz of Annick Goutal

    Pouting, pouting
    All ready for my outing,
    But there’s a little doubting…


    [But seriously ladies – Congrats on the revamped site, the Lounge and the relaunches!]

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    1. Hello!
      All comments on dw go into moderation or occasionally get sent automatically to the spam folder by the WordPress app. We certainly don’t sit around waiting for strangers to comment just so we can delete it. We’d need a lot of free time for that which we don’t have.
      There are many here who didn’t initially receive an invite because they may have been overlooked. Not one of those lovely people thought ill of us. It’s a pity you chose to.


        1. Arathy I resent your invitation this morning. Could you check your spam folder? If it hasn’t come let me know and I’ll post the link for you here. Sorry for the delay


  3. You got me wrong.. you could have said no inviations for strangers.. i think i started to follow ur blog recently and when ur posts disappear for without any notice you cant blame me.. i dont know what happens at the other side.. No ill wishes.. peace out..


    1. We haven’t said no invitations for strangers. Plenty have dropped by and been welcomed. I can’t help it if you keep insisting on playing the victim. Enjoy your drama elsewhere. Cheers!


  4. Haiiiii
    Im so happy to get in touch with you guys. I used ardentlly follow your works so so many years back..Can you please tell me how to access your works if possible??Dying to read them..


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