A Glimpse into My Hometown


12072754_10153529228145239_596515462060798218_nPhoto by Alison Pereira

A friend of mine snapped this gorgeous picture on his return flight to Karachi from Dubai last week, and looking at it I realized I haven’t really shared much about my home town here with all of you.

It’s a great picture, and captured perfectly. This guy knows his photography. The image shows one small part of the southern tip of our coastal city, and possibly the most popular beach. On the right you’ll see a suburb, the left is the Arabian Sea hugging a long stretch of road called Sea View, a hang out for locals, especially on weekends.

Sea View’s entrance begins with the golden arches of McDonald’s. Further, on a stretch there are camels on the beach, and horses and electric go-carts you can rent to ride. Snack shacks offering local and international fast foods dot the promenade, and among them stand hawkers with barrows of roasted corn and nuts, flasks of hot chai, freezer boxes of ice-cream, or just crates of cold drinks and bottled water.





e204d5bbd19daefeb3ce9d714d86a394_1024The food street at the other end

I drive down this road daily for my kids school commute, and it is 10 minutes of pure bliss each way.

The sea and I have always been good friends, but city life is hectic, and sadly, I wouldn’t get to see much of it unless I made it a point to visit, even though I live less than 15 minutes (in traffic) away. But, since my kids started at their new school this year, this is the road I prefer even though I have a couple of other options.

In the mornings, it’s like driving through heaven. The beach is deserted but for a few lone runners, all the little shops are locked up tight, and the animals have yet to make an appearance.




In the afternoons there is a sleepy feel to the air, common for beach towns where life moves at a slower pace. Cars don’t rush manically here as they would further in the city. I imagine people taking the route feel the lull of the waves like I do, that they enjoy the glints of sunlight on the water and marvel at the peace, revel in the stillness. There isn’t much of that in the life of the average Karachite, and especially not the ones who commute through the city.



My daily drive

If you ever visit Karachi, I’d probably take you to Sea View first and cajole you into going for a camel ride. We would definitely catch a beautiful sunset later, and in true Karachi spirit head to the food street so you could sit just literally over the water and enjoy some seafood barbecue. We’d stop at the more crowded part of the beach later for a walk and of course, chai!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my city. If you’d like to see more of this world headline making notorious part of Pakistan, let me know. We have more than just bombs here. 😉

Thanks for stopping by.

Much love,




9 thoughts on “A Glimpse into My Hometown

  1. A lovely post Anne! I don’t think I could resist spending time on that beach, but maybe only n the early mornings before the crowds descend! Hope you and yours are well, thanks for dropping by my hillside! Jane x


  2. That was such a beautiful journey thru your home town. Thank you for sharing. even just reading about the drive by the sea and seeing the beach, I felt calmed.


  3. lovely – I wanna go there
    iam sorry iam late – but I didn’t know about this one – I think some issue with wordpress – I didn’t get any email for updates on this site
    didn’t personally check the site – so its my mistake tooo
    take care dears


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