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Wow, That Was a Long Hiatus

Hello people!

I thought about writing a really long post and telling you all how occupied I’ve been the last couple of months, and how I lost track of the blog because things happened and my usual I’m-so-awesome-at-writing-and-scheduling-blog-posts self couldn’t cope. But, I decided why bother y’all with the details of all the catastrophes which kept me from you? All you need to know is that Chani and I did not have a falling out and kill each other. She’s alive and I’m alive.

And, I did not get divorced either.

I know right?Β I’m still wondering why it didn’t happen, (the divorced part, not the might-not-be-alive part) because the huz had plenty of reason all summer, but somehow, he just didn’t serve up those papers. Honestly, sometimes I think I married the patron saint of patience or something. Strange man.

Anyway, it’s not like I have been completely offline. I’ve been spending some time on social media, mostly Instagram and actually liking it. Such great visuals, and that way there aren’t many annoying words from sanctimommies, angry armchair activists, and internet heroes ala Facebook, know what I mean?

Ha! Facebook remains the bane of my online existence, but only because I can’t be bothered to delete half the people on my ‘Friends’ list. The last time I did, I received some inbox messages which were quite woeful.

“Wow, you always were a bitch.” They said. “Thanks for unfriending me… bitch.”

“I hadn’t seen you in 15 years.” I replied. “But, then you friend requested me and I accepted even though we weren’t really close in school. After that I never heard from you even when I sent you messages. But, then I’d sometimes see you would randomly Like one of my pictures from nine years ago. It made me feel like your eyes were all over my page and it was an eerie feeling ok? Like being watched through a window in the movie Scream. Do you remember how Drew Barrymore was alone in the house when that call came, and she was happily chatting with the caller, then got uncomfortable and was all like “Why do you want to know my name?” And, the psycho, murderous caller said “Because, I want to know who I’m looking at.” And, then Drew nearly peed her pretty pants with fear? Yeah, that’s how I feel sometimes on Facebook with all my silent friends who send out “I’m WATCHING YOU.” signals. So, I had to unfriend you, For my own sanity (and because I don’t want to end up like Drew.)”

Drew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream"

“Yup. Still a bitch.” They said. “Always were, always will be.Β I hated you in school. I STILL hate you, BITCH.”

“Oh God, are you lurking outside my house waiting to stab me?” I asked.Β 



And, got blocked.

So, I don’t feel up to unfriending people now, and they go on being their usual annoying selves, and I keep getting a headache about five minutes into viewing my newsfeed.

I do like some groups on there though, and we have a Deranged Writers Page which I thought of adding a discussion forum too for chats and stuff. If y’all are on FB then come visit us, annoying or not, it is still easier to post a quick note to Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch than it is to WordPress from my phone (I’m anal about formatting blog posts and need my computer for that.)

I hope you all had a wonderful summer, (tell me all about it in the comments) and are looking forward to the chilly months as much as I am. Fall is right around the corner, and I’m thrilled. Yes, I know all you cold climate people hate that, but think of how stupid summer really is the pretty colors.

It’s good to be back. I have literally no plans for blog posts or anything like that, so most probably will be winging it for a while till I get on track. That of course means more inane posts like this one for a bit.

You’re allowed to criticize and throw tomatoes, but please don’t kill me.

See you all soon.




P.S. Don’t forget to tell me about your summer.


18 thoughts on “Wow, That Was a Long Hiatus”

  1. Well am glad ur still alive n not divorces.πŸ˜†
    I have been great summer was so much of family drama since we had my brothers wedding going on, I hope u know what I mean. But otherwise I had an Awsome time meeting all my cousin, my sisters and ate all tht my tummy could take n keep. Even went to zanzibar to visit prison island and stone town. In Tanzania.

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  2. I didn’t know you well enough to ask why you weren’t posting anymore but I did notice, and I’m so glad you’re back! For comments like this:

    “So, I don’t feel up to unfriending people now, and they go on being their usual annoying selves, and I keep getting a headache about five minutes into viewing my newsfeed.”

    Girlfriend! I need someone out there who understands me! I should make a quote about it…and post it on Twitter….haha I just read your post about quotes.

    I have a tomato but I’m making a sandwich with it, no throwing~

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    1. First of all, I LOVE tomato sandwiches, so maybe throw the whole thing?!!! πŸ˜‰ Secondly, thanks for noticing I was gone for a while.
      Haha feel free to use the quote… I spent a bit of my morning on fb today and almost ran for a painkiller, hence the angst.

      If you’re on Twitter, I’d love to connect so look me up (also FB, our link is in the post.)

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again.


      1. So you know that I was Rose Red right? Just in case I caused any confusion. While you were gone I switched to using my pen name.
        I followed you on Twitter, but I am even more grumpy about social media ( well I think I’m older haha so that’s to be expected) and pretty much use Twitter only for poetry.
        Tomato sandwiches are the best, I’ll be sad when all the summer tomatoes are gone.

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        1. Yes, I realized after I’d replied. I thought that lovely rose looked familiar. – Will catch up with your poetry on Twitter soon (I try and make it there at least once or twice a day.)
          Thanks to the warm to moderate climate here, we have an abundance of tomatoes year round. Nothing I love more than a hot cup of soup with a tomato sandwich on those chilly.

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  3. First of all welcome back. I was missing the usual posts on DW so much. Well no doubt I am glad u r alive for the heat wave has cost many lives. About FB, I swear Anne people just want to be in ur list. I have so many like the ones u r talking about and they will through a like or two time to time otherwise no contact. I so want to delete so many but I am too lazy for that. Now about my summer… how was it actually? it was full of sweating, swearing, increasing weight by consuming lots of summer drinks to maintain inner temperature coz we couldn’t do anything with the outer and in case of the hours when LESCO forgot to cut the power spending it inside the room. Other than this there was occasional studies and professional time pass (laptop n mobile games etc). And yes this year I have almost become a part time maid coz maids now a days are so so… lets leave it here coz I honestly am very angry at their nakhras and jhatkas. So this was my summer. uneventful!

    Looking forward to see more posts in future. Love u Anne muaah

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  4. I love pillow talks, so no divorce is a happy news.

    Summer be crappy , work was hectic but it was Hot, for people who live in chilly places that be a miracle.

    I love the groups on fb , atleast there we don’t have the world watching us. Also home page is filled with shaadis and ” look , how awesome is my life” .

    My head is in FAO , so this is all random.

    P.S. Must shop shoes now.


  5. Annnneeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    Welcome backkkkk I missed reading your blogs!!
    I’m still hooked onto “the chain series” … Is it getting published???

    On the side note I loved the post. Hahahaa


  6. Well, erm, Hi!
    I am new here. But you are one person I have heard so much about. Well, most of the DW gang.

    Talking about the summer where I stay, it’s the monsoons now, but that’s just for the sake of a name. At times you are so drenched in sweat that you wonder, where all the clouds that are supposed to be there are gone. I miss home. Summers at home were blazing and dry, the winters were freezing, but I have always been a winter person. I like the cold.

    Now the only thing I like of tomatoes is the sauce and the ketchup. I can have none of the fried foods(which I have a very unhealthy liking to) without ketchup.

    I guess I will be sticking around.
    Prepare to see more of whinings πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ


  7. Erm, Hii!

    I am new here. But you are one of the person whom I have heard so much about. Most of the DW lot.

    Talking about the summer, it’s the monsoons now, where I stay. The sky tears up at the most unexpected times but rarely though. At times you are so drenched in sweat that you wonder where all the clouds that is to shower us have gone. I miss home. Summers at home, were blazing and dry. The winters were freezing. Rains were a blessing, the breezes accompanying them, best friends. I like the winter though. I like the cold.
    Facebook is officially my newspaper. I get to read all sorts of weird news. Twitter, is a long lost friend, where I drop in to say a hello at times. I like Instagram though.
    The only thing I like about tomatoes is the sauce or the ketchup. I can have no fried foods (which I have a very unhealthy liking to) without it. Not even a piece.
    I guess I will be around.
    Prepare for more of my whinings. πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ


    1. Hey there, and welcome to DW. Flattered that you’ve heard of us and took the time to visit. It’s such a pleasure meeting new people, even if it is online.

      I love cold weather too, and absolutely detest the heat. It is way too humid here for my liking. Rain!!! Ah, I could live in rainy weather all year round, I don’t think I’d ever find it depressing.

      Haha I too have a seriously unhealthy liking for fried foods, AND heavily bread crumbed. LOL

      Thank you for dropping by, and we hope to see more of you around here.



  8. Hi Anne

    Longest time away from the blog (and the virtual world) and now I feel rusted and technologically dead. But Hey, reading your usual witty and satirical writeups, I feel we are back to old days where your words would either leave me in splits or contemplating. It feels good to be back Anne;) The studying seems to have made me a lost cause.
    Hope all is good and merry at your side. Lots of cuddles and sloppy kisses to you for the much anticipated winter.
    Let me get down to reading what i have missed for so long!

    P.S- Missed you and how!!!


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