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Duchess of Dresses!

As a rule I don’t wear dresses, skirts (long/ short/midi) unless it’s a rare occasion. This is possibly because 1) I have thin idiotic looking legs (chicken most likely) 2) My school uniform which I wore with absolute hate for a decade . 3) I am a bit clumsy and have this mortal fear of the wind flaring up my skirt and having to frantically cling on to it in order to save my modesty ( this happened twice after which I stopped wearing flared skirts) but if there is one person on earth who inspires me to wear one then its Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge a.k.a Kate Middleton.

I don’t know whether its her wonderfully athletic, ridiculously toned body or her confidence that makes the knee length, rather plain, A line shifts look absolutely ravishing.

I know that we are in this era where we celebrate liberation in all forms of dress and wearing nipple pasties and a thong seems an acceptable dress code for most award ceremonies and even black tie events but somewhere deep inside me I do admire this rather demure, old school style of modest dressing. Maybe that makes me a prude or some backward hack but I still like people who dress in a classy way and the Duchess is certainly a class apart.

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11 thoughts on “Duchess of Dresses!”

  1. Hey good to have you back…well at least half of you 🙂
    I so agree with you about this newest, youngest, hippest addition to the royal fashion line. She does have impeccable taste and seems to choose her clothes keeping in mind her age and that “ridiculously toned” (haha I love that) body as well as her position as future queen of England.

    Her late mum-in-law was pretty much the same, although I preferred her later taste in clothes than what she wore when she first “came out” to the public. Those dresses were too frilly and appropriately virginal for my taste.

    May the Duchess continue to give us vicarious pleasure through her dressing…:)

    Looking forward to having Anne back soon too. xoxo


  2. Oooooo hello there! Long time no see! I’m a fan of her style of dressing. There is a timeless elegance to it. I love the demure dresses she wears and more so because a lot of them are from high street shops. Love the post and the pics 🙂 x


  3. You said it all. Princess Diana’s style was more edgier & bold I think, while this young Duchess’s is more demure, but both…classy! Before the royal marriage, one would never have imagined she would soon become a style icon. She looks so arresting in all the pics….do these people ever repeat a dress in public?


  4. I have no clue how I missed this post. But I am a dress/skirt girl. Probably because all my school/teen life was in jeans, Pants .

    Classy , it is for me. I love the Kate’s style- it’s very her .


  5. Wow that’s an awesome collection of pictures of the pretty to be queen. She has such a royal thing about her. Well , honestly I have always had a crazy crush on classy chic girls and their dresses (especially the twirly ones) seeing that I was and continue to be quite the dowdy one 🙂

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