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An Interview with A.R Rivera & a Free Book Giveaway

You probably remember her as one of the sponsors of our Valentine’s contest back in February, where she gifted one lucky winner her book Between Octobers.

So, today, please join us in welcoming back author A.R. Rivera to Deranged Writers. She has recently released her new book September Rain, and is here to talk about it with us, AND give out a free copy to one DW reader.

To find out how you can win a free copy of September Rain, read on.


Hi Amy, and thank you for visiting Deranged Writers. We’re so happy to have you here with us, and super thrilled to host your giveaway, but more importantly to hear all about your new book release.

First, tell us a little about yourself when you’re not writing.

When I’m not writing? Well . . . mostly when I’m not physically writing, I’m doing it mentally: plotting, building plot threads and scenes that will add to whatever I’m working on. But as I mentally write, I cook, clean, and pick up after my four sons, my husband, and our two male rescue dogs.

Dear Lord, there is an inordinate amount of testosterone in my house!


Who are your writing inspirations? Who do you read most and why?

What first got me writing was . . . wait for it . . . the Twilight books. I know, I know! But honestly, I started having kids at a young age. And then I had a bunch of them. And in that chaos of working and raising a family, I forgot how much I loved to read. When I found the Twilight books, I fell back into reading. I don’t really favor one author or style, per se. I read whatever grabs my attention. I have an abiding love for Jane Eyre, but the best books I’ve read most recently are: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, Forgive Me Leonard Peacock, by Matthew Quick—well, anything by Matthew Quick because I love his work—and the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. 


What made you decide to become an author?

There was no conscious decision. It just sort of came about through a series of circumstances. One day, back in ’07, I took my kids to the public library. I saw the cover of the book New Moon, and I really liked the look of it. So, after perusing the inside and seeing that it was the second book in a series, I also checked out the first one (Twilight) and then reserved a copy of Eclipse, just in case I liked the story and wanted to keep reading. I usually wait until a series is finished before I start it because I hate waiting. A week later I came up for air. Done with the three books and bored. I decided to watch the movies. That was when I discovered Robert Pattinson and became captivated by the mania surrounding him and the other Twilight actors. It was absolute bedlam wherever they went! I thought, ‘how can a person cope with that extreme level of fame? Of such isolation? It must be so strange.’ And the more I thought on it, the more I found myself mentally creating my own story. A year later, I had my first manuscript—written in absolute secrecy because I was too shy to share my ideas, even with my husband. He didn’t know I wrote a book until I told him a publisher picked it up! That was my first novel, Between Octobers.


Now, about your new book. What inspired this story and what can we expect from it?

You can expect that you don’t need to read Between Octobers to enjoy September Rain. Also, September Rain is much darker. The characters use rougher language and do lots of things that I do not condone or recommend. The plot is just altogether dark. The story takes place over a period of ten years—so the reader gets to watch Angel change from troubled foster kid to adult. The plots and characters in September Rain are a culmination of my incessant listening to an album United We Fear, by The Accident Experiment. Inspiration is a funny thing. On that album, there is a particular song called Sick Love Letter. It’s about obsession and loss, and self-loathing. I think anyone who listens to that song alone will be able to see those traits throughout this book. 


Can you give us a little insight into your main character?

There are two main characters in September Rain. The first is Angel Patel. She is in prison and undergoing a case review. So, the story is pretty much Angel telling the review board how she—this seemingly nice, though troubled young lady—ended up behind bars. She grew up in foster care and never really had anyone to depend on. But she is also hopelessly in love with her high school boyfriend, Jake Haddon. Even after years of imprisonment she is still pining. The second character is Avery Campbell. She is . . . hard is the best word for her. She is also in jail alongside Angel. The two girls used to be best friends and now hate each other; how that rift grew between them is a large part of the story.


And, speaking of characters, do you imagine yours to be on a screen someday? If so, who would you select to play the part of your protagonist?

Ooh! I love this question!

Angel would be played by Emma Watson. Avery would be Kristen Stewart, or someone like her with that edgy I-don’t-give-a-**** attitude.

Jake, Angels’ super-hot boyfriend, is . . . well I’m not sure. Inside my brain, he is a meld of a slightly younger Rob Pattinson and younger Jared Leto. If those two guys could have a baby (gene pool jackpot!) then when he’s about 18 or 19, that would be Jake Haddon.


Now that your book is up for sale, what more can we look forward to from you in the near future?

Right now, I’m working on three books. One, is a sci-fi/fantasy/romantic suspense story, called Inertia. Think: Fringe meets Doctor Who. It’s the first in what I think will be a trilogy. It’s pretty much written, I’m simply fine-tuning in hopes of releasing this fall.

The other two books are the next ones in the Savor The Days series. November Mourning is the continuation of Evan’s story that picks up three years later. He’s got so many problems in his past and present, I have to give him a whole book. That plot has been intertwining with the third, January Breaking (I’m still playing with the title.), which involves Graces’ eldest son, Noah, but will be told by a girl, Elise, whose a recovering victim of sex-trafficking.


And, last but not least, where can readers purchase your new book, September Rain?

You can get the book through most major online retailers. It’s on Amazon in Kindle as well as paperback. Smashwords also has it in their premium catalog which means you can get it directly from the Smashwords website, or at Barnes & Noble, or through iTunes; basically for any digital reader.


Congratulations on your book release, and thank you again for this lovely visit. We hope to see you back here again and wish you a ton of luck.

Thank you so much for having me! It’s been fun. :’)



For a chance to win a copy of September Rain, Like our Facebook page and share with me a quote about RAIN that you love. You can do this by following and tweeting me (@Anne_J_D) using the hashtag #DWGiveaway or via a comment here on this blog post.

Entries will be accepted till May 30, 2015

You can also buy September Rain on: Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes & Noble

Or catch up with Amy on  or follow her on Twitter and Facebook



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  1. Was quite surprised to see that the Twilight series could inspire enough to make one write eventually. Its amazing though to know about the persona behind books & the way ideas emerge. The same goes for you guys at DW.

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