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#JustWrite (Character)

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7 thoughts on “#JustWrite (Character)”

  1. You know everyetime I come a cross an amazing story, it makes me wonder what was the writter thinking when he or she decided to write. Or what motivates to write. I wish I could write. Anything even if it was for a couple of pages.

    I salute every writer because they all deserve it for all the stories they put out there for us readers to read.

    Thank You.

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  2. I’m a voracious reader…nowhere is that close to writing. But yet each identity is defined by the other. I can write serious academic stuff, but creative fiction….way out of my league again! So I salute you all who do it seemingly so effortlessly.


  3. Woah! This reminds me of the Chains series! The kind of powerful dynamics that existed, the magnetic pull of power, wealth, deception and characters so powerful that leave you craving for more. With an ardor a selfish man reserves only for his mistress 😉


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