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The Art Card Press – An Interview with Jane Morley

If you liked the Featured Image of this post, engaging photography, pretty prints and colors, you’re going to love everything about Jane Morley’s work. I could say a lot about this amazingly creative woman whose blog captivated me the moment I set my sights on her first photograph displayed there, I could go on and on about how enjoyable it was (and remains) browsing through her stunningly beautiful photography on her gorgeously titled blog View from a French Hillside, and how thrilled I was when she launched her online store The Art Card Press.

Then, there is also the matter of Chan and I falling in love with Jane (and her hill) after discovering we had a lot in common with her, and also how awesome it has been connecting and getting to know her better. But, that would take away from you seeing her awesome work, and all I really really want you to do is see her awesome work, before I formally introduce Jane, who we’re so pleased to have visit us here on Deranged Writers today. Green Fairy dress RED _DSC0043 copy Wetley teacup-001 Artichokes section knife 2 Teddy Bears - Once Upon a Time Gorgeous right?

Now, Say Hello to Jane

DW: Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself.

JM: I spent most of my life in the south east of England before moving to France 13 years ago in search of a simpler way of life. I’m an incurable romantic and daydreamer! I love nature and simple things, animals, vintage dresses, vintage movies, Audrey Hepburn, fairytales, teddy bears and books!

(Yeah, big surprise Chan and I fell in love with this one)

DW: What began your interest in photography? Do you have a story?

JM: Five years ago we were asked by our local theatre company if we would like to host their summer spectacular.  It was an amazing outdoor event held in the grounds here – a swash buckling drama with a dashing hero, a damsel in distress, sword fights, horses and carriages and some wonderful costumes! I’d just bought a little camera to take pictures for my boutique publicity and I began photographing the actors at rehearsals.  I really loved it and have been taking photos ever since!

DW: Your pictures are always so captivating and serene, be it of a bunch of flowers or a couple of twigs resting on stone. Can you tell us a little about your creative/picture taking process? 

JM: (You’re very kind!) I’ve always loved fine art especially painters who create great atmosphere in their pictures through the way they use light.  I suppose I try to create an atmosphere in my photos, it might be light, calm and sunny or dark, moody and mysterious, either way I hope to make pictures which tell a story in some way.  I only use natural light too, there’s a special spot in the little courtyard here which is my ‘studio’ and where I often set up my still life pictures!

DW: Tell us about Art Card Press and your current promotion.

JM: I’ve sold a lot of my cards through my boutique to visitors from all around the world and when someone suggested I should set up an on-line store so they could still buy my cards when they got home to Hong Kong, I figured I should do it!  On the website you can buy our complete range of cards and also a number of favourite images available to buy as prints.  Our spring promotion gives you 20% off your first order and if you join our mailing list we can keep you informed of new lines and special offers and your name goes into the draw to win a print of your choice.

Ghost leaves 3

I won’t let you dwaddle here longer. Go visit The Art Card Press and browse/drool/shop.  Also, don’t forget to avail the special offer running there all through the month.

Here’s how it works

  • Deranged Writers followers can sign up to The Art Card Press mailing list, then use the code ‘april15′ on your first purchase to avail a 20% discount at the store.
  • Signing up means your name gets entered in a Lucky Draw where you could win a free Art Card Press photography print (of your choice) valued at £35.00

*Terms & Conditions apply

My Personal Picks from The Art Card Press Collections

Music – Instruments, pretty sheet music

Vintage Cars – Car lovers, JUST.GO.NOW!

The Art of Letters – Dear Writers and romantics… Seriously.

Fauna – If you love animals like I do…

Architecture – Simply stunning!

Really, I just want to go live with Jane on her hill and visit her store everyday and write lots of romance novels.

Jane, thank you for visiting us here on Deranged Writers, and sharing your work with us. We’re honored!

Lavendar and Linen 6

The Art Card Press

View from a French Hillside

Connect with Jane on Twitter, and/or Facebook



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