Deranged Schedules

April promises to be a crazy hectic month here for us Deranged Writers. Our calendars are chock full already with manic working hours looming ahead, exam season approaching on the kid front, travel plans, husbands who might be divorced/maimed/ignored, and unavoidable family affairs (which if they were torrid affairs, we’d at least have something to gossip about. But, they’re not, so we don’t, and that sucks.)

People are boring.

Most importantly, (note the manic tone) Chan and I are both pretty (and determinedly) immersed in revisions, which is equally driving us up the wall and giving us massive Fuck-you-and-fuck-everything chips on our shoulders. We’re close to drawing blood with all the snapping we’re doing at each other and it’s getting vicious. Hopefully, we’ll survive till May without needing too many stitches or skin grafts.

However, we also have this place where we pretend and fool everyone into thinking we’re bloggers, and part of being a good fake blogger is knowing how important it is to keep writing for lovely/gorgeous/intelligent/classy readers who will send us liquor.

We have lots of posts scheduled for April, and some new themes in store for you. Spring in here, (if we ignore the snow and heatwaves happening everywhere, and keep pretending global warming is a conspiracy) so we’ll be focusing on pastels and pretty and all that. Also, a walk down memory lane as we take you back to the 90’s every Thursday, and rounding off with fashion tips and trends ala Pret-a-Blogger every weekend.

If you want to keep up with posts (and can’t be bothered to check your email for notifications,) follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+ (click the icons in the sidebar)

As you can see, the post calendar is a little more streamlined now, so you’ll know what to expect on specific days of the week and can drop in to read what you like, or everything, as long as you don’t forget the drinks.

I take my whiskey on the rocks. Chan likes wine.





11 thoughts on “Deranged Schedules”

  1. Ooh ooh can hardly wait. Bring it on, April.

    As for chips on shoulders…I’m not scared at all. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours… 🙂

    With love from a lovely/gorgeous/intelligent/classy reader who will send you liquor….So long as you know that “sharing is caring”.

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  2. Looking forward to this month. May is the holiday month & April is that ‘work hard’ month for that party….however, your ‘fake’ blog provides those much needed breaks. I have noticed that in categories, fiction is not included. Strategic move?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a work hard month. The present weather is not helping either.
      P.S. Fiction is always works in progress. Hopefully book covers will make their way into the sidebar soon. 🙂


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