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Wordy Wednesday: Viber Talk

As some of you probably know, Chan and I met online years ago (I think it was 2010 or 11) and have been friends ever since. Our many and frequent plans to “meet” in person usually get pushed to the wayside because life is unfair and the fates work against us because they’re jealous.

However, that hasn’t ever stopped us from talking and keeping in constant touch when we can. Which is not always about the blog.

The thing is, Chan loves to talk… jabber, yammer, hammer, and every other er.Β She literally adores it complete with flower garlands and burning altar candles. You just cannot shut her up once she gets started, and of course I am not lying. Why would you think that? Why would anyone think that? Just because I do long form articles from time to time (see: rarely) and turn all my stories into sagas, does not make me a talker. And, my social media accounts mean nothing either. They are a necessity. (Btw, I’m also on Instagram now, and have about 2 followers in total, which sucks, so go find me and make me feel stalked, ok?)

Logically though, how would you even know if I were lying, right? So, if you like I could link you up with the huz who will definitely vouch for how non-talkative I am.

I mean, my mother will vouch for me. The huz is at work. He’s very busy.

Moving along…

The one thing I love about my chats with Chan either via Skype, email, or Viber is how deep and meaningful some of those conversations get. We have an extremely selfless and caring friendship, are always respectful of each other no matter what, and never intentionally hurt the next. Along with all that, we have, over the years learned a lot about each other as well. Like for instance I know Chan has a serious aversion to the killing of animals, and can never find it in her heart to condone it. It affects her emotionally and deeply. And, she knows I love steak, which can get weird, but she handles it well. Still, we remain respectful and get along without issue. Maybe it’s the joint blog we don’t want to screw up, maybe it’s our joint love for Bruce Springsteen…

Maybe it’s because I like her almost as much as I like steak… Who knows?

Anyway, for our (almost daily) evening chats, we mostly use Viber and not the more popular Whatsapp because, someone who is not me has a pretty unhealthy obsession for the Viber sticker store.

MAJOR obsession!

Like Lindsay has for rehab, and Kanye for himself, and Kim for thinking all designer brands suit her.

But, that’s not the point of this post.

So, getting to the point of this post… It’s Wordy Wednesday, and to give you all a glimpse of how beautifully meaningful our chats can get, here is an excerpt from one of Chan’s and my recent Viber sessions (ok, that sounds hilarious in my head. Viber… Sessions. Hahaha)

Chan: I don’t know why people are gaga over David Rocco. I think Chuck is the hottest chef on TV. And, the man is so rock n roll. And yes I am hungry after watching for an hour.

Chan: *inserts Chuck Hughes’ picture* (Big smiling picture)

Chan: *inserts sticker of cute dog saying “Food?”*

Me: I don’t know who they are.

Chan: Hehehe – They are the chefs on TLC all the time.

Me: I don’t watch cooking shows. Guys in kitchens don’t turn me on.

Chan: Forget the guys. You are missing out on total food porn.

Chan: And, Chuck is a pure rock dude and makes super bar food.

Me: But, what is the point of watching food being made if you cannot eat it?

Me: *inserts cute dog sticker saying “Huh?”

Chan: *inserts cute dog sticker saying “Say What?”*

Chan: *cute dog sticker “LOL”*

Chan: You can make it

Chan: Then

Chan: *inserts sticker of a bone tied with a bow*

Me: Yeah right. Yesterday you watched and complained how hungry you were.

Me: *sticker #Food*

Chan: That’s the point. Then I get to complain.

Chan: *cute dog sticker “Oops”*

Me: *cute dog sticker “Interesting”*

Me: You’re nuts.

Chan: You are missing out on great food knowledge.

Me: For food knowledge I send my kids to cooking classes.

Chan: If you have not learnt how to bake a cake of a giant duck in a tub with a shower, which has icing water flowing, and icing bubbles, you don’t know shit.

Chan: *cute dog sticker “Whatever!”*

Me: Yes, because watching a rocker guy doing it on a screen makes you an expert.

Me: *cute dog sticker “This is Epic”*

Chan: He does not make cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chan: I saw some stupid woman do that.

Chan: He makes things like potato chips.

Chan: *cute dog sticker “Yeah baby!”*

Chan: He makes things like fish!!!!!!

Chan: And steak.

Chan: And salad.

Chan: And hot chocolate

Chan: So shut up.

Me: Potato chips? Hahaha and he needs a show for that?

Chan: He is cool… And, he always wears black.

Chan: cute dog sticker “Talk to the Paw”*

Chan: *cute dog sticker “Yes”*

Me: Um… everyone can make fish, steaks, etc. 5 years olds can make hot chocolate. They don’t need a show on TV.

Me: *cute dog sticker “LOL”*

Chan: They do

Chan: There are secret techniques.

Chan: Like making expression marshmallows

Chan: *cute dog sticker “Grrr”*

Chan: You don’t know what you’re missing not watching cookery shows.

Me: Like what? Add sugar with cinnamon for added zest? That’s like Durex adding ribs for extra pleasure.

Chan: *cute dog sticker “Whatever!!”*

Chan: Some people are just not meant for chef de cuisine.

Me: You know he supports the killing of baby cows right? Veal steaks. Freshly killed right off Mommy’s breast.

Chan: *Violet crying sticker*

Chan: *Violet shocked sticker*

Me: Appreciate THAT

Me: *cute dog sticker “Gotcha!*”

Chan: He didn’t make veal. I’m sure of it.

Chan: It was some old bulls about to die.

Chan: Mercy killings

Me: Go check his recipe archives.

Chan: *fearful fox sticker*

Me: I will link you.

Chan: #SoRude

Me: He murders baby seals for “expression soup”

Chan: How can people eat veal?

Chan: And rabbits? Jamie Oliver shot a rabbit on TV. And ATE it.

Chan: *cute dog crying sticker*

Chan: Oh, I’m going on a juice cleanse tomorrow.

Chan: *cute fox thumbs up sticker*

Chan: One day cleanse

Me: Wait… I’m reading Chuck’s veal chop with stewed tomatoes and white bean recipe.

Chan: I never read a single one of his recipes

Me: I will send you a YouTube link

Chan: You missed my juice cleanse declaration

Chan: Because, you’re obsessing about Chuck now

Me: No, I didn’t. But, you can watch him stew a baby cow.

Me: I was waiting till you finished orgasming

Chan: He does not kill baby cows!!

Me: Tell me about your revisions.

Chan: *angry fox sticker “No!”*


How wordy do you get with your friends?

Let me know.





14 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Viber Talk”

  1. That was some conversation! Lol! In fact it made me nostalgic.. I am missing my college friends and texting…With the advent of Apps and smartphones, sms offers and texting reduced and I think is almost nil these days..Now a days its all group chatting which is fun at times but not always according to me…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That’s just hilarious Anne. I miss my friend. I actually hAve only one. We have been friends since high school. But leaving in different countries now. We try keeping in touch. I miss her will go give her a call.

    Thanks for this post, I missed our conversation and tht on what’s app

    Liked by 2 people

  3. MA! nazar na lagaye.
    I have one such friend but we normally Skype.
    As for Viber………………………….. My dad has just discovered Viber and the sticker store!!!!!!!! My parents live in California so his night time is my day time and he just starts at 6am our time and doesn’t stop till 1pm( that is when I am standing outside the school to pick up my girls). SO I can relate to the sticker fetish .

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Haha gotta love viber and the stickers! The husband and his dad used viber a lot until they discovered FaceTime and whatsapp (yeah, don’t ask about the discovery bit!, still makes me roll my eyes) … The options are endless! Loved the conversation about food..I dig food shows, BIG TIME!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Hate FY endings. Missed so many posts here.

    This was such a cute conversation. Had a smile all the way. Reminded me of my conversation with my friends. Viber, WA and Skype be love. Cannot survive without them and it’s so fun teaching my GrandMa new apps because she wants stay connected with me all the time, we have the most hilarious conversations . Dad is another one-I think he keeps sending me those emojis coz he finds them super cute.

    I love cooking shows. Food Porn is The thing. MasterChef Australia was so awesome last season. Those desserts – Sigh, I die.

    Cheers to your friendships and may it stay forever blessed!


  6. Oh I loved that.

    And Chan I do love David Rocco although I promise to check Chuck out too.

    But I’m with Anne on the big juicy steak. Sorry darling.

    And yes I do get wordy with friends. Regularly. On inane and insane topics. It’s great fun and takes us back a century to when we were still in college πŸ™‚

    Anne darling, I’m sorry you’re
    so much the silent, NON-talkative one of the duo. You must learn to talk a little more, my dear.


  7. Wow! Crazy friendships that sound crazier on Viber are a must have for every single person. Touchwood πŸ™‚
    I can only imagine how crazy it would get if you actually met. With your better halves. That would be Epic!
    Oh and this balance that you strike between your own individual personality and the obvious respect for the other’s is truly commendable.
    And talking about steaks and potato chips and cakes without even providing the option of tasting is downright mean. And cookery shows are meaner! Brutal πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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