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Kiss Me, I’m Whiskey

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! I hope you’re all celebrating this wonderful occasion/feast. If not, here are a few things to help you get a feel for all things St. Patrick’s Day (and don’t worry, the Irish won’t mind, trust me.)

St. Patrick

Click image to read about Ireland’s patron Saint.


Listen to some beautiful Celtic music

Turn up the volume and click those heels.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Amazing Emerald Isle

Click image to see more pictures


Laugh with some limericks

The more bawdy, the better. Click here.

Eat some Irish food

Mmm… Pies and stews, and… POTATOES!!!

Click image for recipes


Read some Irish Literature

Poems by Oscar Wilde


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And, of course… Drink up!

10 Must Drink Irish whiskeys.


Have a wonderful Paddy’s day!

(Don’t drink and drive)



7 thoughts on “Kiss Me, I’m Whiskey”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day if You celebrated it on the 15th. (Mothering Sunday)
    Happy St Patrick’s Day. 🍀
    Got My Green Hat & my Shamrock Rosette
    Everyone seems Happy & Cheerful
    Been to see Irish Step Dancing.
    Ceili dancing The Energy it radiates is amazing
    Love the Lush Emerald Isles
    Oh the Coast line is Breathtaking.
    And I love the build Up to Good Friday & Easter Sunday.
    And of course the Easter Parade
    So once again HAPPY ST PATRICK’s DAY.
    Cheers & Bottoms Up.👍 🍺


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