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Colombo Fashion Week 2015

This is the time of the year for fashion weeks. The major international ones are happening in Europe and I am a quite proud to say that we are having our very own one in Colombo.

The Colombo Fashion week kick started on Thursday for the 12th year running and as always the Colombo’s most stylish eagerly flocked to see what was on offer. CFW that started as a project in 2003 mainly with the focus of uplifting Sri Lanka’s fashion industry has gone from strength to strength in its decade long journey in honing home talent. It also happens to be one of the three fashion weeks in Asia that is more than a decade old. Traditionally in February – March we have the Spring- Summer collections and in September – October the resort wear.

Compared to some of the other fashion weeks in Asia and especially in India we still have a long way to go in terms of textiles and artistry but I am happy to say that we have our own classics and some of the new designers are bringing local skills with gusto. Batik’s and ethnic lace are some of the crafts that are being constantly revised and presented each season in new avatars.

Being an island, resort wear is pretty much de rigor here. Many of us sneak away for weekend beach getaways and since we have a tropical climate which is quite humid, cool casual clothes with simple lines and organic fabrics are always favoured. I must say that we have evolved quite a lot from where we started and grown as a fashion week. I was happy to see so many workshops being organized to give valuable insight to budding designers and the Trunk show where everybody could see the wares and purchase them early without waiting for them to hit the stores!

I have picked some of the designs that caught my eye and some which are absolutes must haves for my wardrobe.

All images courtsey of Life Online

Day 1


Flowing comfortable sophisticated silhouettes. One thing I like about the local designers is the fact that their clothes are suitable for different body types .

DSC_0482 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_0510 [Vertical(NEW)] (1) DSC_0526 [Vertical(NEW)] (1) DSC_0535 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_0557 [Vertical(NEW)] (1)

Amilani Perera

A little romantic and opulent with tasteful embellishments.

DSC_0074 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_9991 [Vertical(NEW)]

Peronie Stefel

I loved the simplicity and the playfulness. I want this blue dress!

DSC_9586 [Vertical(NEW)]

Ramona Pulle

A newcomer to CFW, presented a very youthful collection full of colour.

DSC_0328 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0406 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0432 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0441 [Desktop Resolution]

Radhika Perera Hernandez

Very bold and sexy, the Kaftan is her staple silhouette but she does have a lot of fun with it. The colour palette was very tropical, with lots of greens thrown in.

 DSC_0991 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1020 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_0967 [Desktop Resolution]

Day 2

MAUS – Annika Fernando

My absolutely favourite brand. I love the comfort of the fabrics. Every piece is always wearable. Loved the Jane Birkin-esque military jackets. Definitely getting all of this. The tent dress is one of her signature pieces and an absolute favourite of mine.

DSC_1418 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_1423 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_1476 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_1497 [HorizontalNEW]

Sonali Dharmawardena

Sonali is a veteran and a regular at CFW having shown her batik inspired collections in many countries. She does some lovely silk and satin batik saris and also very chic cocktail dresses.

DSC_1700 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_1708 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_1748 [Vertical(NEW)]


Nelun showed some interesting pieces of batik and patchwork all done in a very interesting mix of raw silk and linen.

DSC_4190 [Vertical(NEW)] DSC_4194 [Vertical(NEW)]DSC_4163 [Vertical(NEW)]


12 thoughts on “Colombo Fashion Week 2015”

  1. Srilanka has some fabulous cottons to boast of …
    From what you have posted … I personally liked the Radhika Perera Hernandez collection …
    Loved the vibrant colours used by her and the sexy styles perfect for the humid climate there …
    Am sure there must be many more designers showcasing great stuff …


  2. Great styles here. So much talent in fashion design obviously, I’m glad to see big strides being made. Absolutely love the colors, and elegant cuts/lines. So tastefully done.

    Really glad you shared some home fashion insight with all of us.



  3. Loved it!
    MAUS I liked the best ,The long blue dress is a must have as I wear full length dresses and am always looking for new styles and cuts.

    It is good to see new talent and new faces .


  4. Wow so impressed. Unlike India where fashion shows are means to lure wedding customers this one seems to be pushing the real boundaries as far as fashion is concerned. So going to stalk them now .


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