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Milan Fall/Winter 2015 Picks – Accessories

Whenever fashion mania hits the globe each year, there are three fashion weeks which I anxiously wait for.

Milan, Paris, and New York.

I have different reasons for loving each one, and I follow my favorite designers with a great deal of enthusiasm to see what they’ve come up with to wow us all. This year, I’ve unfortunately fallen behind on viewing what’s been happening because, I’ve been extremely busy, but, I did manage to sneak a few peaks whenever I got the chance.

Milan Fashion Week is over, and Paris seems to already be taking the world by storm. But, before I get ahead of myself, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite picks from MFW-Fall/Winter2015 with you all.

I have always loved Italian designers for the smoothness of their designs, their bold statements, and of course their incredible accessories. This year, I had mixed feelings about various designers, but, that in no way means I was not happy with what those same legends threw at us on the catwalks. The return to the 70’s and early 90’s is back in a big way, and there are shades of the 80’s too in some designs, and I can swear I spotted a little 60’s era strutting down the ramps, so it’s a mix up, and I love mix ups if they’re done as seamlessly as these have been done.

My Top Picks MFW-Fall/Winter 2015


No wow factor with Gucci this year, but I did spot the return of the envelope bag, the double G belt, and some cool statement rings.




Dolce & Gabbana






Have to say I fell hard for the bag, because I am forever leaving my own unzipped.




If this green doesn’t say Saturday Night Fever, I don’t know what will.



Giorgio Armani

Chic style

armanishoe armani arm ar



The big and much awaited one each year, and once again DV did not disappoint. She brings out bold, daring and unapologetic style as only she can.

Did I mention envelopes are back? Good luck to us with all the crap we carry around in our bags.



I think this one says ‘Fuck you Christian Grey’ better than anyone has.


And, a chain! Hahaha I want this bag!!



Hello 90’s neckband!



Bloody bold boots, bands, and belt. That’s a DV win.


Emilio Pucci

Not much I didn’t love about this collection. The colors were traditionally powerful, and brilliantly used. But, the accessories… Loved them.

Fall fringes or, sleek works too

empu empu3

 These shoes deserve a standing ovation.


And, these are hot too.



This entire collection was pretty incredible. I loved the colors, the clean lines, the accessories, everything.

But, THIS… the whole thing, just… Ace!



As much as I’d love to say goodbye to Milan and hello to Paris (happening as I type this,) I cannot just yet, because there is one name I’ve yet to add to my list of picks, and he needs a post all for himself because, awesomeness.

Stay tuned.




8 thoughts on “Milan Fall/Winter 2015 Picks – Accessories”

  1. Armani , Versa, Pucci ah they took my heart away lol but honestly I just loved them and that green shoe too. Can’t wait for ur special post n also your take on on Paris Fashion show


  2. Dying over Armaani and Trussardi !!

    Envelope bags be big since last year. I lust after them, just don’t know if I can manage one. They be so powerful and gorgeous.

    Versace has the right shades of sexy. And the neckband.

    Cannot wait for Paris through your eyes.

    But my lust list be poking my purse strings now. Will hold till you drill the Paris ones.

    But this is love.


  3. I have upped my knowledge on fashion since joining into this club. Am not into buying any of the stuff…way outside my finances & style, but thanks for the perspective! It has changed the way I observe fashion now.
    No mistaking the reason why these brands are up there.


  4. HI Anne! Not really looked at your fashion features before but love the things you’ve highlighted here! Didn’t know you were on Pinterest and Twitter – I shall look for you! Cheers Jane x


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