Anne, DWVC

We Have a Winner!

The results are in for our Valentines Contest (better late than never right?)

Congratulations mamsinonsi!

You have won a free copy of A R Rivera’s Between Octobers. Thank you so much for participating and supporting us.

Please email us on to collect your prize.

Special Runner Up

Linnete – Seriously! For nailing it like a true movie buff.  *claps* – After discussing it, Chan and I felt you were also well deserving of a prize, so… if you consider an invitation to join us in the DW Lounge a good enough consolation, check your email.

Honorary Mentions

polkadots78 and mayurisb80 – – For all that contagious enthusiasm. *kisses*

Every new reader who participated. *smooches* We hope to see you all here often.

Thank you all (old and new) for taking part in our Valentines Contest, and we hope to have a lot more fun stuff here on the blog along with even more fabulous prizes for everyone to win.

Before I sign off, please join us in thanking our wonderful sponsor A R Rivera for the Valentines Contest giveaway. If not for her, there would have just been pictures.

Much love and muahs,

Anne & Chan

P.S. Post will be edited to add pictures of the draw later today, because WP issues.


14 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!”

  1. Congratulations mamsinonsi ! enjoy the book and think of us all while reading ! 😉
    Thank you Anne and Chani for all the excitement !
    And a special thanks to A R Rivera …
    Anne … waiting for the next one !

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  2. blush ! a very deep red color! i have never ever won anything i my all 47 years! it’s a good start now,with something to my soul! THANK YOU ALL! a big hug to all contestants,to the writer,miss Rivera,and to our hosts Anne and Chani! i am in a bad time of my life now,but this present warmed up my heart and make me really happy!
    Anne,thank you for your lucky fish bowl!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Congratulations mamsinonsi and linnete.
    And welcome to The Lounge, linnete. We are a pretty crazy bunch so please be suitably warned. 🙂
    Thank you A R Rivera for the giveaway.
    Anne n Chan xoxo

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