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Valentine Contest: Week Three, Winners!

Image 11 Day One: Name the Characters

Movie name and cast: To Catch a Thief starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

Correct Answer: Frances Stevens – John Robie

Entries: 18

Winners: 13

mercypaul, jiasardar, polkadots78, linnete, monalisaa1, GrumpyTummy, amv63, namita111, Anamika2000, mamsinonsi, mayurisb80, ifanamika100, kar1sma


Image 5 Day Two: There NEVER was a woman like…

Movie name and cast: Gilda starring Rita Hayworth and Joseph Calleia


Correct Answer: Gilda (not the actress herself – see the movie poster )

Entries: 20

Winners: 12

polkadots78, ifanamika100, mercypaul, charminggenie, linnete, jiasardar, amv63, GrumpyTummy, Shurtee7, Anamika2000, kar1sma, mayurisb80, 


Image 10 Day Three: Who was Norma’s love interest in the movie?

Movie name and cast: Some Like it Hot starring Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jean) and Tony Curtis

Correct Answer: Joe 

Entries: 14

Winners: 12

monalisaa1, jiasardar, mamsinonsi, charminggenie, mayabhi, naushi78, Anamika2000, GrumpyTummy, linnete, amv63, kar1sma, namita111


Congratulations to all the winners of the last three weeks. Now, it’s time for me to clean out the old fish bowl and toss in all your names.

See you at the draw!




14 thoughts on “Valentine Contest: Week Three, Winners!”

  1. Hi Anne, actually in Day 1, I had given the right answer. But i sont find my name in the list 😔. Is it coz i din name the movie also?


  2. My first one was wrong, but I think in second one I did write Gilda, but I don’t remember whether I wrote it as a movie name or her name. Third one me got right hehehehehe.


  3. Yeay I won again. It feels good. Can’t wait for u to drop my name in the old fish bowl😄.

    Congrats to everyone else who’s a winner.


  4. This is it? No more contest? I was so enjoying this game 😦
    Good Luck guys, May the best person win 🙂
    Including me ofcourse 😉
    Thanks Annie, we had a wonderful time 🙂 Atleast I did 🙂
    Lotsa love


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