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Valentine Contest: Week Two, Winners!

Week Two of our Valentines Contest is officially over, and we’re sorry we didn’t post more brain teasers for you all but, chapters in WIPs have been happening, so we know (hope?) y’all understand. We do plan to post lots of teasers this coming week to make it up to you (and also give you all more chances to get your names in the bowl.)

Answer: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Last week (two) we received 19 entries, and 16 correct answers from…

1. namita111

2. amv63

3. monalisaa1

4. mamsinonsi

5. mercyppaul

6. naushi78

7. mayabhi

8. charminggenie

9. polkadots78

10. Kishmish

11. mayurisb80

12. linnete

13. ifanamika100

14. Anamika2000

15. jiasardar

16. namendra60Β 

Congratulations, ladies! And, a big thank you to all who stop by to comment/like/share anyway. We love you!

P.S. I promised to post pictures of the ‘Winners Bowl’ and I will, once the child labour force in my home finishes writing out all the names in golden ink, on neat, scissor cut squares of colored paper and placing them in a bowl. The pictures could turn up as early as tomorrow, or around Christmas of 2017, since the labour force can’t decide if they should use their old fish bowl, my biggest flower vase, or the coffee pot, and I can’t decide if I should starve them, whip them, or sell them for being so disgracefully unprofessional.

Hope you all are enjoying the last of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by.




7 thoughts on “Valentine Contest: Week Two, Winners!”

  1. I say starve the inefficient, unprofessional little slaves. Don’t feed them between meals. πŸ™‚
    And definitely not more than 6 times a day.
    They must realize the great responsibility placed upon them.

    And kindly ensure that the squares are all precisely the same size. And color coordinated.
    And that the golden ink is golden enough.

    Oh, and Christmas 2017 might be too soon. We deranged readers are perfectionists after all.

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