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Valentine Contest: Week One, Winners!

Congratulations winners!!

The answer for Day One (Name the movie) was: Roman Holiday

We received a total of 15 correct entries from these lovely people…

1. mercypaul

2. polkadots78

3. Anamika2000

4. Charminggenie

5. mayabhi

6. JaneMorley

7. Kishmish

8. ifanamika100

9. naushi78

10. monalisaa1

11. kar1sma

12. mimosa658

13. linnete

14. namita111

15. namendra60

Answer for Day Two (What was the famous line?) is: We’ll always have Paris

14 entries for this, and 2 who got it correct.

1. mayurisb80

2. linnete

Note: Guess submissions are limited to one per post question/per reader only. We will not select the correct answer from a list of submitted guesses.

Thank you all for participating in Week One. All winners names have been placed in a bowl (will upload pictures later in this post.)

We’re on to Week Two in our Valentine Contest, so get ready and stay tuned.




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