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Fifty Shades of Gifs

There is quite a lot of hype building towards the movie release of Fifty Shades of Grey, and I noticed (almost got drowned in) it on my Twitter newsfeed this morning, till I remembered I have ‘Lists’ I can use.

What a relief!

I don’t have anything against the upcoming movie, (which like Twilight, I think might be way better than the books,) but the flooding two second Gifs of Christian Grey unbuttoning his jeans accompanied by squeals from his female fan base dying to catch a glimpse of some Grey crown jewels got a little nauseating. There were also gushing tweets, and I had to read a ton of bullshit about how this is the bestest love story ever, by females doing a poor job of trying to hide it’s actually the BDSM sex scenes they can’t wait to watch.

It sort of ruined my peaceful morning, and ruined mornings make me pissy.  I complained and ranted to a friend, who listened for a full minute before he gleefully reminded me that not long ago I made a blog promise to watch the movie and review it.


I ran over to the blog and hunted through my older posts, and right enough… There it was!


In the post, I actually typed out these words…

Will I watch the movie?

Hell yes.

Will I write a review?

Just try and stop me.


So, after taking a few deep breaths, I turned to the huz in the hopes of seeking sympathy and company…

Me: Remember when the Fifty Shades trailer came out, and I blogged about how I’d watch and review it? What was I thinking?

Huz: Moments of insanity also happen to you.

Me: So, now I’ll have to watch it.

Huz: I guess.

Me: *sigh* Will you watch it with me?

Huz: No.

Me: What? You have to watch it with me.

Huz: Dakota Fanning?

Me: Johnson. Wanna watch?

Huz: Hmmm… No. I can’t watch a movie where an asshole like Christian Steele is considered a romantic hero.

Me: Christian Grey, not Steele!

Huz: Why did I say ‘Steele?’

Me: Anastasia Steele.

Huz: Right. But, no.

Me: But, why?

Huz: You want me to watch a ‘BooHoo-my-mommy-issues-make-me-a-sadistic-fuck-and-I-treat-women-like-shit asshole for 90 minutes?

Me: Yes.

Huz: I’d rather watch a Star Plus drama serial from start to finish.

Me: So, I’m going to watch this all by myself?

Huz: You have a promise to keep to all your readers

Me: Dammit!

Huz: Good luck.



Damn you Twitter newsfeed!



14 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Gifs”

  1. I have stayed away from the book, the gushing about the movie on FB and twitter but I promise to read your review. I know it will be worth it…lol


  2. I was tempted to buy the book last time while I was in the bookstore because I remembered your blogpost. I was wondering two minutes looking at the book – whether I would enjoy it? Is it of my liking- i mean my taste? I gave up after thinking twice..I thought to watch the movie first. Now your post makes me rethink even that! 🙂
    Once again Duke impresses me with his responses! Such a darling Huzzz 😉


  3. I finally read the book and then was so happy when you wrote that you will review it and had thought Anne ka review parh kay I shall decide if I want to watch it or not. So, YES! You have to watch and then write a review 🙂 and I loved how your Huz said
    You want me to watch a ‘BooHoo-my-mommy-issues-make-me-a-sadistic-fuck-and-I-treat-women-like-shit asshole for 90 minutes?

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  4. 😂oh Anne you made me laugh out loud with this post, and my son was like” what’s wrong mummy” and all I did is☺.
    I read all the three books but the movie I doubt if it will be released in Dubai. So might as well wait for your reviews.
    looking forward to it. Have a great weekend.


  5. Ermmm shld I confess something. Even after ur n CG’s fair warning I read the book coz of recommendations n I didn’t like it much. I don’t know how can ppl like Christian (all my frnds do all of them r gushing over him). I can’t digest the BDSM thing n yes he didn’t do it in 2nd book but still…. Anyways I laughed out at ur reaction. really did. well I am gonna read ur review coz it will b great fun to read that.


  6. well all i know about Fifty Shades is what i heard ranted about and Wikipedia… 😉 and a few FF adaptations of it…i was not sure if i could enjoy the book but maybe one of these days i will try and read it…
    But i did see the movie trailer to know what the hype was all about and i am sure i will not watch it any time soon…so i really look forward to hear your review ….i think i should insert an evil laugh here …..


  7. Lol, Anne….your hubby’s smart n His reaction was hilarious 😀 even I’d watch a tortourous saas bahu serial rather than this bizarre Ana/Christian couple….I simply don’t like the actors 😀 They just don’t click for me. -___-
    Anyways, Good Luck Babe 😛 Let us know how it was, Hehehehe…
    Love you ❤


  8. I just love the responses of your huz! And yes, you owe it to us to do the dirty work on that movie! It was here that the promo was reviewed which made me curious enough to read the books to figure out what was so great about it that it was featured here.

    Frankly, I have found greater pieces of fiction on some of the FFs….it definitely is the BDSM stuff which makes it so popular, romance is a poor second.


  9. I would have tolerated this movie if you had not shown me what they did to a Teddy bear because of it. That was the last straw I am tempted to write to that asshole CEO of the company who came up with it .. who had no shame to say ” we are obsessed with it ( he is a man BTW) and tell him ” IF YOU ARE SO OBSESSED GO INTO A ROOM AND JERK OFF YOU ASSHOLE AND LEAVE TEDDY BEARS ALONE!!!”

    We don’t want our teddy bears to dominate us you fucking wanker we want them to cuddle us!

    Okay my blood pressure is up again thanks to this dumb movie.

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