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Valentine Giveaway! – ‘Between Octobers’

We have another contest giveaway in store for you! This time, generously sponsored by the amazingly talented (and exceptionally down to earth) author A.R. Rivera who is gifting a free copy of her novel Between Octobers to one lucky winner.

The contest begins soon (so check back, or keep an eye on your notifications if you follow us,) and will run till February 13, 2015 with the winner being announced on Valentine’s Day.

The Giveaway



About Our Sponsor

AR Rivera A.R. Rivera loves to read, write, and talk. She does all of it, at every opportunity. Sometimes simultaneously. She also writes about people with lives much more interesting than her own and blogs about the difficulties of said writing, as well as making up flash fiction and other junk.
She’s also a mom to four amazing boys (three of which are in a rock band), a wife to the greatest husband in the world, a daughter to two super parents, a baby sister to three siblings, an aunt to more nieces and nephews than she can count, as well as a self-professed weirdo, couch potato, and people-watcher.
She’s currently hard at work on her first YA endeavor, tentatively titled Countdown to Chaos, which will be releasing in 2015. She’s also got a mind-bending Sci-Fi trilogy in the works that she’s very excited about.You can view her book trailer for Between Octobers here:

Buy it here, on Smashwords or Amazon if you prefer.

Fall in ‘Like’ with her on Facebook. Then there’s Twitter–where she wastes most of her virtual time as: @girlnxtdr2u

How the Valentine’s Contest Works

1. Each week we’ll post an image or two

2. Below each image will be a question

3. You answer the question via the post comment box (one guess per post please)

4. Over the weekend (Saturday) we’ll tell you the answer and list out who all got it right

5. If you get it right, your name goes into a bowl (I think I have a heart shaped one somewhere) and you know the rest

6. If your name goes into the bowl many times, then you’re just a smarty pants and your chances are great and that makes us happy.

7. If your name goes in just once or twice, think positive and remember Prim.

8. If you don’t know who Prim is then, what’s wrong with you?

9. Answer submissions are open up to each Friday of the post week (Midnight, Pacific Standard Time)

10.  All contest posts will be tagged #DWVC

Have fun and good luck!!


Anne & Chan





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