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Bagging ‘IT’ in 2015

I have always had a ‘thing’ for fashion accessories much more than clothes. Not that I don’t like trendy and fashionable wear, but more because my tastes run towards ‘classic’ and ‘tailored’ clothing without too much fuss. For me, it serves as the perfect base for some added zing, however little or much depending on my mood, and the overall effect is never dull.

From bracelets to scarves, I have loved all accessories since even before I was a teenager. Once, in my late teens I grew obsessed with earrings, and by the time I hit 25 I had more than 296 pairs in a very large case in my not so large closet, and during that period of my life I spent a good deal of time first selecting a pair of earrings, then finding an outfit to compliment them.

My love for boots stays strong even today (and always will,) I am also a ring wearer and eye shades snob, a necklace nymph and… you get the point. But, the thing which stays firmly in the Top Three on my personal ‘must have’ list of fashion accessories is of course one of the brightest stars in the accessories world, the handbag.

The reason I give it a great deal of importance (understanding?) in fashion accessories is 1) I like bright stars, and 2) I was at my youthful adult best (and hitting the front doors to both the corporate and social world pretty hard) when glory of all glories, the IT bag phenomenon began. My generation of women will probably remember those beautiful (and sometimes long distance) romances, the never diminishing passion, the powerful love affairs we had (and still do) with Speedy and Kelly, The City, Baguette, Birkin, and the most coveted/fastest selling ever (according to numerous fashion magazines at that time) Paddington.

Le sigh. Paddy.

Those were good times.

And, now they’re back!

I was thrilled to see the return of the IT bag on the runways for 2015 by all the powerhouses that wowed us then, convinced women an IT bag was worth giving up silly things like salaries for, and had waiting lists which could have circled the globe. They drove women to madness and now they’re determined to do it again.

Prada, Chloe, Dior, Burberry, LV, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Jacobs…

God, I love them! And, I can only be thankful while I drool, and hope, and pinch pennies this year, enough to maybe indulge myself in a little…




Burberry Prorsum






Dolce & Gabana










Louis Vuitton



Marc Jacobs


Phillip Lim




OK… More than a little.






 Anne is a fiction writer and blogger, and a former hotelier living in the sprawling coastal city of Karachi, Pakistan, with her husband, two kids and a pet fish. A city girl at heart, she likes her coffee strong, books always within arm’s reach, perfumes by the boatload, music of the old school variety, beaches sans the crowds, cozy cafes early in the mornings, and intimate encounters with Jack Daniels on Saturday nights.

On Deranged Writers, Anne writes her personal blog Eight in the Morning, and the humorous feature Pillow Talk.

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20 thoughts on “Bagging ‘IT’ in 2015”

  1. My day was about to turn south and I saw this and now I am feeling all fuzzy and happy. I Loveeeeeee bags and there is nothing that I don’t love about all of these amazing ones. Seriously Chloe can make a bag out of toilet paper and sell it for a thousand dollars and I will still want it.

    My ultimate IT bag which has been on the list forever and I cannot still dream of affording is a classic Chanel quilted shoulder bag. And I WILL get it one day.

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  2. I am not much of an accessories person but bags be the necessity. I cannot function without a good arm candy to start my day and nothing gives me the sanity than my Mulberry or Celine tote. They be life saver always, there is a whole lot of world stored in them everyday.

    Right now I am lusting after Heroine from McQueen -it’s so yummy , there is this SL slingback , the Bottega Veneta clutches….Sigh , it’s obsessive addiction , they be so beautiful !!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Celine has an orange suede this year which I would grab despite not being a fan of orange. I have a Love/Meh relationship with Mulberry, but the Tessie line of ’14 was fantastic. Such an equestrian feel to all of them, and the colors were gorgeous.

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  3. Oh Anne I love this topic and so are your choices of bags. I loveeeeeee bags and my favourite are Prada and Chrome but I must say your collection does make me wanna change my taste. I love the Channel white I believe it’s a dantel. I am thinking to ask for tht as an wedding anniversary coming up next week. Hehehe my hubby might just faint.😈


  4. Love handbags am a true bag snob at Times!! Tori Burch, Prada and Kate Spade are becoming favorites- however Nina Ricci customized Marche bag is to die for 😉 way out of my league but a girl can dream!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marche! Yes. The only trouble is, I want that one in ALL its fabulous colors. As for Tory… Not just the bags, but that entire Spring collection this year is divine. Wear-ability at its best.

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  5. Bags…orgasmic. Shoes….just as orgasmic.
    I wish I could get a new bag every month…to match my mood, my clothes, my shoes, or just because…
    And the mouthwatering collection you’ve got here, Anne, is enough to send me into ecstasy!


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