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A Woman of Today

Since December was a frenzied month with holiday activity and celebrations which also meant a lot of gift giving I was paying special attention to the advertisements on TV and one advert which totally captivated me was the new Titan Raga ad.

When it comes to advertising women have been stereotyped to an extent that is unbearable. Be it cereal – your child’s future depends on the brand of cereal you buy, Detergent – again .. your husbands promotion and your child’s self confidence and progress in school depends on the whiteness of their clothes and in the end your fault. Mosquitoes… your family is NOT sleeping again your damn fault. Aches and pains, women again .. you have to be supple and nimble or you husband wont come home and pinch you seductively, Tea… God help if there is a tea advert where the woman is not making it. I will not go into the kitchen appliances or even car wash which cannot be sold without showing a woman in some regressive form or another. But recently I have seen a few adverts which seem to understand that the conventional forms are NO longer de rigueur.  There is a slight (slight) change and I find it refreshing that at least it is starting.

The first advert which I really liked was by Tanishq on re marriage, this was masterful and tastefully done with a powerful message but this new Titan Raga Ad really made the feminist in me smile with joy. This features a confident strong woman who is NOT GUILTY about her life’s choices.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather Bangalore, the film titled ‘The Raga woman of today #HerLifeHerChoices’ is set at an airport lounge where the lady is reading a book when a male voice asks if the seat beside her is taken. She looks up to see an old boyfriend. They share a warm hug while she asks how has he been. The man responds with a retort “the same as when you had left me”.

They sit down  to talk and he notices that she isn’t married yet and asks her for the reason. She answers that she never found the time. He makes a snide comment on how they (she and him) could have made it, had she chosen to quit her job. She asks him why he didn’t quit his job, to which he responds, “How can a man not work, yaar?”

She looks amused and looks at her Raga watch while there is an expectant pause in the film. She looks up confidently to tell him that he is still the same man she had left all those years ago.

She offers him coffee while the man is seen shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

The film ends with a shot of the watch and Nimrat Kaurs voice over saying , “Khud se naya rishta”( a new relationship with one’s self).

What I LOVE about this ad is the fact that it embodies a progressive, confident and passionate woman who makes her own choices and does not live to regret them at all. We often see career women being shown as having missed something or like that Airtel Ad where the woman is the Boss and still she goes home and makes dinner for the man.

Definitely a step in the right direction, truly one of the most influential feminist ads I have seen recently.

With that I thought I would kick start the New Year!

Best Wishes to all of you.




Chan is a writer, blogger and yogi with a passion for history and romance. She is a management professional living in the beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka with her husband and two furry soft toys she refuses to part with, much to his chagrin. An avid reader and health food junkie, she also loves to keep up-to-date with fashion trends, travel and binge on everything chocolate at the slightest excuse.

On Deranged Writers Chan writes her personal blog Whispered Monologues, as well as the popular fashion feature Pret-a-Blogger. – Follow Chan on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


13 thoughts on “A Woman of Today”

  1. I watched the ad a few times and think it was done pretty tastefully. More and more I noticed what was NOT being said in it. The big “reason” they did not get married was because this woman refused to leave her job, yet there is absolutely nothing to suggest that she is a (stereotypical) “career woman” – She was not taking a business call, or working on a laptop, surrounded by paperwork etc. Just a woman looking pretty relaxed, reading a book. You can’t tell what she does for a living, if she’s some high flying executive, a surgeon, a day care worker, or a secretary in a small private ltd. company. Her work does not define her, SHE defines her. She is just a woman who wanted to keep working, not someone who couldn’t give up her “career” – It was so well done.

    Also, the main part of the ad where she glances at her watch. That in any social setting shows how the person is already mentally checking out of the conversation, usually when they’re ready to leave. Not that she was going anywhere, it suggested he was overstaying. overstepping and all it did was cause her some amused indifference. Again, subtle but great.

    And, who didn’t miss the WAY she checked her watch? Touched her own skin almost sensually like an afterthought. Powerful message there. She hasn’t been sitting around waiting for marriage to emotionally, mentally, physically engage with a man. She does all that, but she just doesn’t find the time to “settle down” as is expected.

    Nuance is everything in this ad. If that’s missed, the message is missed.

    Thanks for sharing, this was fantastic.

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  2. Powerful, Powerful indeed.

    I don’t know it resonated so much . Little nuances , the way she smiled and appreciated her good sense in pursuing her true happiness. The way she handled the conversation, letting him know that she is happy not being with him.
    His argument about how can a man not work, Ah! That bit. The smile, the touch of her skin, the look at her watch- times have changed, but something don’t change, like his mindset.
    I liked the portrayal too, not over selling her professionalism or her high flying job .
    The social etiquette, she was more comfortable meeting her ex-without thinking of the what-ifs, while he was stuck in the past, harping the same old tune.

    She is content and she doesn’t need a “him” to be happy.

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  3. What a lovely ad … Thanks for sharing it Chani …
    There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a successful woman …
    and success only comes if a woman respects herself and has the confidence in her capabilities …
    Happy New Year dear Anne and Chani …

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  4. oh yes! the ad of Titan Raga impressed me too. I loved that confidence stance the lady took and her retort. Super like! It was a bold attempt by the ad people, because many men would not take to the ad warmly, its the society attitude and even that was clearly depicted in the ad!

    The biggest hit was the tag line..khud se naye rista…its too good and true! It resonates with me.. 🙂


  5. Wow Anne, you can be extremely sensitive to nuances & are able to crit a scene in detail! I remember that ad because it made me pause & rewind, there are few that are rivetting & different. This was one of them. O&M stand out for the quality of their ads, increasingly now because of the progressive message.they carry. Thanks for pointing it out Chani & Anne.


  6. You r absolutely right anne, the slight change in the perception of people towards women is there.
    This ad is a positive step in that direction…
    Confident, smart n modern women are something the world has come to
    accept n even commend them… N it feels nice to this lil change..


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