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New Beginnings

2015 is here after a long wait for some, and hardly no time at all for others. I hope you all had a great time ringing it in whatever the case was for you.

There will be plenty of posts coming in the weeks, months and year ahead, but more time dedicated to writing/completing various WIPs for Chan and me, and that big, big plunge into the world of publishing. For now, I’d like to take this time to thank each and every one of you who have been here with us all through the last year for your constant support and friendship, but most of all for contributing greatly to why the Deranged Writers stay online. You have been with us through all our celebrations, changes and overhauls, highs and lows, sometimes even madness and complete nonsense, and for that we love you.

There are no ‘New Year’s week resolutions’ this year (because we all know how I feel about those,) but I must admit that 2015 has brought with it a sense of change and more determination for me.

The previous year wasn’t a bad one despite it ending with tragedy in some parts of the world, particularly Pakistan. Mostly, it had its ups and downs like any other year does, personal gains and losses, milestones, events and celebrations.  But, the more I reflect back, the more I feel that moving forward to better this world is the best ‘resolution’ one can adopt in 2015.

On that note, I would like to tell apologists of any kind (and especially those so called religious ones) to go fuck themselves.

I don’t care what religion, politics or culture you follow or feel the need to defend, explain, lecture others about because it is so awesomely awesome, so overflowing with Godliness and goodness and peace and baby unicorns dancing in springs of glitter. Keep it to yourself and in your home where it belongs, stop telling people what is “religiously right” or “morally wrong,” what the “real meaning” of this or that is, and for the love of all things sacred, stop defending your God (political or religious) and making him out to be some helpless infant. He doesn’t really need it if he is “all powerful” or so SO “selfless” does he?

I don’t care if you’re a moderate, conservative, online liberal or just a well meaning human being trying to educate people. Social media doesn’t care and people don’t care, because we’re not the ones who need to be convinced (your brand of) religion or politics and what have you is a good thing. Save that for the assholes who are really fucking it up for you and yours… If you have the balls to spew to them what you so sanctimoniously spew to others that is.

Let’s go into 2015 minus the excess bullshit, be it extremism in religion and politics, bigotry, racism, ignorance or whatever the fuck you want to call it that is contributing to the brutal killings of beautiful and innocent children in schools and playgrounds, male teens walking home from their neighborhood grocery stores, the power seeking and barbaric gang rapes of young girls returning from college on public transport, the violence against gay kids struggling for acceptance, the hate towards trans-gender youth seeking understanding for who and what they really are as humans.

We need to let go of the bullshit, educate ourselves with more than just “degrees,” stop sitting like mice around people who cause others harm or apologize on behalf of assholes who do. We need to fix ourselves first and move forward positively in our own lives, and maybe then we’ll be able to build a better and more peaceful future for our children.

Happy New Year.


13 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. Happy New Year!!

    New beginning , new Everest to scale. May this one be more peaceful, there be less hate and for once we start valuing the gift of life.

    “Religion. It’s given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”

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  2. Happy new year…. true about the religion
    ” god created man, man created religion and religion created gods”
    and I really really need a good 2015 coz I have exams banging on my door right now….


  3. Anne fuming fire first one for me lol… but yea I do feel tbis year will b better than last. Happy New year to u and Chani. Thank u for all the beautiful posts last year and can’t wait for more madness this year. Love u guys for all those beautiful memories here on DW. Love u loads


  4. Where there is HOPE there is FAITH …
    Where there is FAITH … MIRACLES happen …

    Let this New Year be the harbinger of universal peace … 🙂
    Cheers to happy and peaceful beginnings …


  5. Really good thought anne.. Wish more ppl wud think so.. Wud surely make a difference.. Maybe if thoughts like these were heard by more ppl, then those of us, who dont think so much ourselves but realise things wen someone points it to us, wud also join in changing things around us..our perspectives for starters..
    Heres wishing everyone a year that wud make us turn back n be content that we made a difference, however small.


  6. That was a passionate outpouring Anne, but strikes a chord alright. The last year was particularly traumatic in the way women & children were victimised in the name of religious & social dogmas, but what was heartening was the level to which this was opposed. There are more & more people getting involved directly in raising awareness of the danger of such mindsets. There is hope that we will be a better people tomorrow. Your blog is one of the examples.

    Back after a long break & look forward to what else you have for us this year. Happy New Year to DW & the readers here!


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