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Go Scarlet – December Delights Bumper Prize

rsz_new_sls_coverEvery fairy tale seems to end with a woman finding love after years of pining away for the Man of Her Dreams. They then settle down, buy a house with a white picket fence, have 2.4 children and live happily ever after. Well buckle up, because this is what really happens after ‘I Do’.Meet Maggie, Eva and Lisa, founders of The Scarlet Letter Society. Named as such due to their various infidelities, both physical and emotional, the ‘SLS’ is these womens’ refusal to be shamed like Hester Prynne in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic tale of forbidden longing. Once a month, these women meet at their local bookstore to discuss love, life and literature. Through their friendships and liaisons, they attempt to gain insight into the curveballs life has thrown their way, and how each of them can find emotional and sexual fulfillment. Over the course of a year these women, plus several others who look to the Scarlet Letter Society for help with their own romantic dilemmas, will find lust and love, happiness and heartbreak, in the most unexpected places.A witty, insightful and steamy novel about a group of women who have chosen to forge their own paths, and must deal with the ramifications of their past and present choices, The Scarlet Letter Society will appeal to anyone who’s found their fairy tale isn’t quite what Disney had in mind.


I am thrilled to announce our December Delights Bumper Prize which is generously sponsored by an incredible and extremely talented lady I have been honoured to call my friend for years.

Currently Senior Editor at Splice Today, Mary McCarthy’s 20-year writing career includes the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, editorial positions at regional magazines and newspaper humor columns. She’s contributed at, appeared on The Today ShowHuffington Post Live and ABC TV News’ Moms Get Real with JuJu Chang. She has spoken at a number of national conferences including BlogHer, BloggyCon and the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference and is an instructor at The Writer’s Center in Washington, D.C. She published The Hump Day Diaries, and her debut novel The Scarlet Letter Society was published by Polis Books on June 26, 2014 and releases in paperback in May 2015. It peaked at #106 on all Kindle books overall and landed at #4 in the Romantic Erotica category. Mary is currently working on her second novel The Scarlet Letter Scandal which is scheduled for fall 2015 release.

Mary is a mother of four on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she enjoys kayaking and sea glass hunting.


December Delights Bumper Prize Contest runs: Christmas Eve – Christmas Day, so keep a look out for posts and how you can participate.






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