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For ‘Him’

For the last few weeks I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to buy my husband for Christmas. I detest buying gifts for men, because I just do, but apparently there is some kind of Christmas gift giving tradition in our home that I insisted on years ago and didn’t realize I was screwing myself over with.

As we got closer to Christmas week, my brain wracking turned to near desperation and I finally turned to the internet for ideas. After carefully typing ‘What do you buy a man who has the most fantastically awesome wife in the world?’ into Google search, I got nothing except an article titled ‘What Every Woman Needs to know about Why Men Cheat.’

Nicely played, Google. Nicely played.

After five whole minutes of intense searching, I spotted a gorgeous pair of aviators online, and then spent the next half hour browsing all things Tom Ford because to hell with everything when it’s Tom Fucking Ford!

There is no name quite like his, there is no brand like the Tom Ford brand, and there is no man in fashion like Tom Ford (that’s my personal mantra which you’re free to borrow anytime.)

The Tom Ford brand for men is and has always been reserved but raw appeal, class and distinction. No other designer has quite combined all that as effortlessly as TF himself. He was the force that saved Gucci, and the powerhouse who made his own name a cut above the rest.

So, this Christmas, for the him in your life, I give you my top picks from the man himself.




The Pocket Square



Fragrances (to die for)




tf10Post Party Wear


Suit – Ford






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 Anne is a fiction writer and blogger, and a former hotelier living in the sprawling coastal city of Karachi, Pakistan, with her husband, two kids and a pet fish. A city girl at heart, she likes her coffee strong, books always within arm’s reach, perfumes by the boatload, music of the old school variety, beaches sans the crowds, cozy cafes early in the mornings, and intimate encounters with Jack Daniels on Saturday nights.

On Deranged Writers, Anne writes her personal blog Eight in the Morning, and the humorous feature Pillow Talk.

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12 thoughts on “For ‘Him’”

  1. There might be a D&G wearing boy, a Zegna suit but nothing catches the eye like a Tom Ford Man.

    The scent, the cut or the pocket square ..the eyes never leave.

    NK in a TF, too much to ask Uncle Santa?


  2. Love Tom Ford Products.
    The Sensual Raw Passion. Yet the Delicate Burst of Nature.
    The Spicy Musky fragrance. Raw Passion.
    Fills the Air with A Statement.
    Those Shoes so stylish.
    Beautiful Gift. The Smile on that Face will tell ‘I love It’
    Lucky Man.
    Happy Gifting.


  3. Tom Ford is God’s gift to MAN-kind in every sense of the word. When he revamped Gucci i just swooned and slipped into a stylish coma of sinfulness that I haven’t really woken up from.

    Its class, sass and pure sex in the most elegant ‘kill me softly and then some more way”. And just look at the man… arrrrghhhhhh swoon!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Only one question Anne…
    Can I have Tom Ford for Christmas? I promise I’ll buy every bloody product he’s ever created/endorsed.
    Just asking…


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