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This Holiday Season…



16 thoughts on “This Holiday Season…”

  1. Loved the picture and it’s wording. So Thank you all for making me feel special with all your post and for liking my comments.

    Happy Holidays to all you lovely ladies.

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  2. awww , I need to make snow babes now. Can I throw a mini tantrum? Add this to the list too , Uncle Santa.

    But so thankful for this wonderful home . Chani , Anne and all the other commentators it’s been such a fun ride.

    Thank you and hugs.

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  3. There is nothing more special in the world than good friends …
    Thank you Anne for reminding us to thank God for making us privileged enough to have them in our lives …
    Thank you and Chani and all the readers of this Blog for being here … really look forward to reading all the posts as well as all the comments …
    Love this excitement around the blog …

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  4. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, what started as just names on a TV forum has turned into a group of friends that I look forward to chatting with, reading about, hearing from…be it in the form of comments, chats, or these lovely, thought-provoking blogs.

    I do love you guys for giving me something I had not even know existed two years ago. xxx

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