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Holiday Destination Wish List – A Swiss Christmas!

When I went to Switzerland it was Spring, and although Christmas was over, there were some lingering remnants and I could feel how enchanting it all must have looked. Switzerland has a special place in my heart and I often wonder what it would be like to spend Christmas in the Swiss Alps.

Since I happen to know some wonderful Swiss people I asked them what are their special traditions, and what I gathered is that they are very humble and traditional. It shouldn’t have surprised me, even when I was there I noticed that it is not about doing the biggest thing, spending copious amounts of money, but more about family and being together and beautiful things made with a lot of love. I think it’s this warmth that makes it all the more beautiful.

In the Alps, Christmas is still a very tight family affair, kids still wear woollen socks knitted by their elders, and families hike through the woods to find and chop their own perfect Christmas tree. This is a special holiday season tradition. Another thing they do is have lots of fondue.

Decorations also tend to be simple yet charming, and they decorate according to the Advent Calendar counting down the days to Christmas.

7738032426_7999f8c4c6_z 9959f3c1f2Houses decorated as per Advent 

images (4) images (2) download

christmasmarket-handmade-dolls_6289kFor decorations classical motifs such as stars and crowns dominate, reminiscent of Kings and their journey to Bethlehem. They also have wonderful hand painted decorations which are a treasure to have.

christmas-in-Lucerne 02 - Switzerland, Zermatt, Ski Trip (Christmas Decorations)


At first glance Swiss and German cookies are not as attractive as the bigger Amercian versions ( packed with 3000 calories no less). I don’t know when the cookies turned giant sized but, despite the way they look, the big ones don’t stand a chance to the traditional Läckerli – a hard, spiced biscuit made from hazelnuts and honey. Its much easier on the conscience too.

Baumnuss-Guetzli-1 dsc_0814


But I think the real attraction is all natural. This is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited and the pristine natural beauty overwhelmed me. The snow capped vistas of the Alps is truly a magical sight. 

When I think of White Christmas, Switzerland is one dream destination.

P1181337c2 entrance to christmas market biel best-christmas-markets-in-europe-bern verbier SWSO07-Christmas-in-a-Swiss-Spa-Hotel Swiss-tops luzern-night-pano 8868053






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11 thoughts on “Holiday Destination Wish List – A Swiss Christmas!”

  1. Soo beautiful! Makes me want to go too, even though i cant tolerate the cold the least bit. Still feel like going there one christmas and spending a few days relishing its beauty and serenity..


  2. Some day…that’s what I tell myself when I see these beautiful visuals. And Christmas in Europe, especially in a paradise like Switzerland, would be a wish come true.
    What you wrote about the decorations, that’s another thing I want to do…buy Christmas tree ornaments from different parts of the world, each one unique in its origins and design.


  3. My my!! Those pictures stole my heart! All that snow capped buildings & homes , the decorations!! Wow! I will be like a lost kid at the candy store of I ever be there at Christmas! And mostly importantly this is what I liked about Swiss – “it is not about doing the biggest thing, spending copious amounts of money, but more about family and being together and beautiful things made with a lot of love. I think it’s this warmth that makes it all the more beautiful”. Very true!


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