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December Delights: Winner! (Week Two)

We’re so pleased to announce our winner today, who is probably the most frequent visitor of our blog, and definitely our top commenter.

Congratulations Charminggenie!

You have won two gift cards from Dezert Storm Media Group, and have been entered into the December Delights Bumper Draw.

CG, thank you for participating, and always for your loyalty and friendship to DW.Β  Keep a lookout for an email from us about your prize.

A word to our sponsor

Special thanks to the super talented husband and wife team of Dezert Storm Media Group, Rodrick and Sydel for sponsoring Week Two of December Delights. I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate them both on their recent nuptials and wish them all the very best in their life ahead.

Be sure to check out Dezert Storm Media on Facebook for all your event planning, design and printing needs. (https://www.facebook.com/dezertstorment/info?tab=overview

Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you all during Week Three of December Delights with more posts and prizes.

If you missed out and would like to read all the December Delights posts, you can do so here: https://derangedwriters.wordpress.com/category/christmas-2014/

Much love,

Anne & Chan

P.S. We apologize for the delay in posting as per schedule, due to some technical difficulties on WP which tends to happen around this time of year.


12 thoughts on “December Delights: Winner! (Week Two)”

  1. Oh!Wait my name!!Yippee!!

    Oh wow , this is overwhelming , heard they just concluded the Miss World contest , think that means I get to give my little speech –
    I cannot thank enough,the beautiful, immensely talent and word magicians -Anne and Chani. There haven’t been a moment where your words haven’t inspired my thoughts and philosophies.
    May your words echo all around.This also won’t be possible without the fellow commentators -you guys make this place a lot like home.

    Would have thanked my Gucci booties too, if they weren’t so pricey. (Chani made me do that) .

    But a world of gratitude to the sponsors -Dezert Storm Media Group. Congrats on the nuptials , may you be blessed always. Thanks for bringing this Christmas joy to our home!!

    Love and hugs everyone. Time for my victory dance now!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Charminggenie,
    we look forward to doing business with you.

    Thank you, all of you for your well wishes on our marriage.

    Thanks Anne, for the spot on your blog. πŸ™‚



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