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Red Alert!

It probably sounds really funny that you are hearing this name on this post instead of the one about shoes but since Christmas is a time for giving and also a time  for indulgence I thought I would share one more item to go on the lust list, Limited Edition Louboutin nail polish!

I am one of those people who loves a bold red lip and nail from time to time and especially during the festive season when the reds make a resurgence. And just in time for the holidays Louboutin has launched a limited edition one from his Rouge Louboutin Nail range. The ‘starlight’ edition is an ode to its signature red heel as much to the holiday season. If the brand is known for one thing is the absolutely riveting sexy red heels and the nail polish is no second runner. It’s ridiculously expensive at 500 odd pounds .. actually its a sin and just lusting after it should send you running to a confessional. I am sure there is a 11th commandment against things such as this.But thankfully the standard nail polish from the brand does come at a much more affordable range.

Don’t you just love all that red?









Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish


10 thoughts on “Red Alert!”

  1. I love , love the nail polish , it’s heaven, lust and everything!!

    For someone who is obsessed with all things red, Loubs are killing it!! Starlight edition is Gorgeous , like you want it on you and then nothing else!

    Shoes and this, thats it my heart is on forever dhak-dhak now!


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