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All I Want for Christmas is Shoessssssssss!

In my part of the world we really don’t get all the seasons although the climate turns a bit cooler and the days are shorter and the nights longer during December. Maybe because of that I have an unexplained lust for winter fashion.

However it never stops me from admiring the most wonderful designs that come out in the fall and the one thing I simply cannot do without are shoes.

Since the holidays are a time for indulgence I veered a little towards ultimate luxury. These are some of the on trend must haves for Fall 2014.

Now if only I could  get my hands on one…err two… I mean six of these. Sigh!




Gucci is about high glamour and excellent craftsmanship and why I love this pair is because it embodies just that.


The hounds tooth jacket is something of a Dior legend and this is a perfect homage to that.

Celine - Thigh high boots Celine- Thigh High Boots ( Dies!!!)

Celine…this is Parisian legend and stands for everything we love about that effortless class they exude. Timeless, glove soft, impeccable class.

Fendi Fendi –  Talk about colour

Fendi is all about fur and although I am not a fan of fur i cannot help but admire the design and the fact that the character of Fendi is so well encapsulated in this design

Isabel Marant Isable Marant

The go to designed of the younger celebs and jet set. Today Marant is the last word on style. Everybody and anybody wants what she makes.

McQueen Alexander McQueen

Even though Lee is no longer there, there is the sense of drama and high fashion in this design. A bit whimsical and flirty, perfect to brighten up your mood.

Chanel Chanel

Classic, timeless and ultimate luxury. So true to its character as well.

Prada Prada

The Devil wears Prada for a reason. The reason is pure decadence.

Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren

 They always do this equestianish thing which is super fabulous

Balmain Balmain

Slouchy fun and a bit rock and roll

Soniya Rikiel Sonia Rykiel

I did not even have to look at the label to know this. Signature style epitomized. Brilliant. I have added a picture of her just to emphasize just how much of the Rykiel DNA is in this design.


armani Armani

Very very elegant.

Sergio RossiSergio Rossi

They are renowned for making very feminine and high end products and one look at this tells you why. How sexy and feminine is this boot, it might as well be a stiletto sandal for its sense of lightness.

And some of us ( and by that I mean Anne) are terribly lucky to get pre- Christmas loot !! *Dying with envy*







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IMG_0124 Chan is a writer, blogger and yogi with a passion for history and romance. She is a management professional living in the beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka with her husband and two furry soft toys she refuses to part with, much to his chagrin. An avid reader and health food junkie, she also loves to keep up-to-date with fashion trends, travel and binge on everything chocolate at the slightest excuse.

On Deranged Writers Chan writes her personal blog Whispered Monologues, as well as the popular fashion feature Pret-a-Blogger. – Follow Chan on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.



13 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is Shoessssssssss!”

  1. I can stare at these shoes for hours and some more. Yeah the craftsmanship, the style each one of these beauties have their own story, drama and character. ,

    Gucci – Sleek, want and probably wear the most.

    Dior – Because it’s singing, it’s celebrations and it’s hounds tooth jacket.

    Celine – should come with a CPR. Lusting it so bad. The legs and the boots.

    Fendi – No fur fan, but that heel, intricate , colour, drama.

    Isable Marant- Street style envy.

    McQueen – it’s McQueen

    Chanel – Untouched, Classic ,Pride.

    Prada- I want to wear them like now!!

    Ralph Lauren -I want to ride wearing them..What? – no comments

    Balmain- I am Bad Bad girl- GIVE ME

    Sonia Rykel – the Original .

    Armani- Classic and necessary.

    Sergio Rossi – Coz I want their eyes on me

    C&K – Fit for a Queen .

    Good for my eyes and soul. You be spreading real joy here Chani.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Don’t they just make a statement.
    Says it’s pure elegance & hey I have Style.
    They have this Timeless Appeal.
    Well Made. Attention paid to the minute Details.
    Each one tells You It’s own Story.
    Chic yet Flirty
    Displayed in the Shop Windows.
    Wear Me & Tell the Story.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omfg *drooling on these stunning pieces of shoes* I can have all of them n few more…. its shoes we r talking abt duh! All of them just killing me. I think there is a quote “give a lady a nice pair of shoes and she can conquer the world” its so true… all the pics are so beautiful Chani I wish santa hears u and drop some for me too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love shoes any shoes… the boots are yo die for, though I don’t know anything about different brands…
    you are right about climate, its freaking too hot here and raining heavily at the most unpredictable times


  5. Chani, enlightenment again! Am not great on fashion knowledge, but thanks to you I can appear knowledgeable when people spew this jargon. I do take back something from reading this blog for which…thanks to you too! Thanksgiving is over, but will a belated one do?


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