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Holiday Decor: Have Yourself a Harry Winston Christmas

It was quite a long time ago when I was just into my teens and overheard a conversation between two women which went something like this.

First woman: I love your ring.

Second woman: Thank you.

First woman: Is it a real diamond?

Second woman (smirking slightly): Yes, but obviously not a Harry Winston one.

At the time I didn’t understand why the first woman looked as blank as I felt at that statement, and of course I wondered who this Harry Winston guy was. It wasn’t till some time later when I was flipping through a magazine and saw a bracelet consisting of seven 20-30 carat diamonds with the caption ‘Designed and executed by the House of Harry Winston’ that I actually understood what that woman had meant all those years ago.

‘Brilliant’ would be an inadequate choice to describe the beauty of that piece of jewelry, and even to my completely untrained eye, the craftsmanship was par excellence, although I couldn’t have even formed that coherent a thought at the time, it was just a feeling.

I became an instant fan and follower. I read anything I could about the jewel legend, searched the glossy pages of magazines for his ads, and later began to play ‘Spot a Harry Winston on a celebrity’ most of whom I noticed loved to wear his work.

Of course none of that has anything to do with Christmas, but as I was unwrapping endless strings of fairy lights for my tree this year, and pondering color schemes and themes for my home’s Holiday decor, I began to daydream of glittering ornaments and sparkling table settings, subtle touches of brilliance here and there. Then, I began to think how awesome it would be if the people from the House of HW sent over some boxes of bejewelled decorations and Christmas diamond ornaments, and maybe a ring or two… and a bracelet, and earrings, and…

You get the point.

For now, I think I’ll just enjoy being inspired by all that glamour and magnificence, and hope you do too.

Happy decorating! Dream big, use colour, make it all sparkle, and have yourself a Harry Winston Christmas time.

Diamonds and Pearls



Emeralds and Diamonds



Sapphires and Diamonds


Diamonds and Rubies


Just Diamonds







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 Anne is a fiction writer and blogger, and a former hotelier living in the sprawling coastal city of Karachi, Pakistan, with her husband, two kids and a pet fish. A city girl at heart, she likes her coffee strong, books always within arm’s reach, perfumes by the boatload, music of the old school variety, beaches sans the crowds, cozy cafes early in the mornings, and intimate encounters with Jack Daniels on Saturday nights.

On Deranged Writers, Anne writes her personal blog Eight in the Morning, and the humorous feature Pillow Talk.

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25 thoughts on “Holiday Decor: Have Yourself a Harry Winston Christmas”

    1. HW is in a class of its own. So is the powerhouse that is Tiffany, although on a completely different theme. I don’t compare the big names for just that reason, because they always ‘own’ their individual brands. Copycats and wannabes on the other hand are everywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahah! true! But I’m not a big fan of luxury jewellery brands, but when I am, I make sure it’s because of brands like Harry Winston. B| Comparing Tiffany’s with HW is like comparing Swarovski with the Venetian Murano Glass.


  1. These jewels are a dream … absolutely breathtaking …
    Now you’ve got me daydreaming of Harry Winston as Saint Nicholas going around gifting “some boxes of bejewelled decorations and Christmas diamond ornaments, and maybe a ring or two… and a bracelet, and earrings, and…” what if this dream came true !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hitting the bed now , and I know what I am going to dream about.
    Give me that emerald and diamond beauty now.
    Have been following him since all the red carpet beauties prefer his creation. So many shout-outs on popular tv shows, the dreams it has spun .
    Uncle Santa , keep an ear out , k!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi Anne, lovely sparkly post! (Funny I just did a vintage sparkly one but not Christmas related! Must be the time of year!) If you know Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Diamonds are a Girll’s Best Friend’ Harry Winston’s name pops up in the lyrics! Have a great festive season!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Have a glitzy Christmas.
    All glittery & sparkly.
    Yes the minute detail to every piece of Jewellery is exquisite.
    It’s Cut above the rest.
    Dreaming of those sparkly Baubles on my Christmas Tree.
    Glitzy Festivities.


  5. Anne – May be hard to believe but I did not know who or what Harry Winston was until now and I am not sure if I will ever forgive you for making me fall in love with jewelry I can not afford…lol.

    I am really not into diamonds or for that matter any jewelry but the sheer beauty of these pieces have made me crave them.


  6. You can’t just write this post and not have any HW presents for us. Come on, where is the Christmas love?! Haha just kidding 😛 A very glitterly post, loved it! Just beginning my 2 hours procrastination session on Pinterest now looking up festive ornaments (again), and of course HW! I blame this on the pictures in this post. I just love “gold” themed Christmas decor and the frost blue-diamondy colour decor! P.S. Hi! 🙂


  7. I know what you mean about scouring the magazines. There is something show stopping about these pieces and although the are perhaps affordable to the really rich we can certainly take a lot of inspiration from it, like how to make a true statement.

    The deco and the pieces blend perfectly, I dunno how you manage to find the most perfect pics.


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