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Thank God it’s Christmas!


One minor flaw is, there’s no hat for Jack, and not enough Jack in my bar… Yet!


20 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Christmas!”

  1. Hahaha … I know what to gift you for Christmas now !
    A whole years stock of Jack’s …
    And for sure by Christmas Day Jack will surely have a hat !

    Anne … you never stop amazing me …
    Love the way are slowly but steadily building up the excitement for Christmas … I’m surely going to pull out my decorations and get a
    new Christmas tree … 🙂
    (thanks to DW I’ve started pinteresting ! and loving it !)

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    1. Good to know you’re getting into the ‘spirit’ of things despite all the work you’re bogged down with. Pinterest is great, and I’ve been neglecting the boards. Should make it back there soon.

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    1. That is not how Christmas works. Celebrations begin early December, and Christmas itself lasts (technically) for 12 days, which just means more celebrations… But, who’s complaining? 😉

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