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December Delights Begins Tomorrow!

Because Christmas!

We’re super excited to be hosting our second year of Holiday celebrations here on Deranged Writers, and this year we have so much planned for all of you it has almost left us breathless.

25 days of posts! I thought Chan would slaughter me for even suggesting something so outrageous and time consuming. She works killer hours and is not an insomniac like I am. But, she was all “Oh yay, that’s a great idea, let’s do it” and I was all “WTF is wrong with her, you think she’s on a sugar high?” to the huz who pretended he didn’t hear me. So, instead I did a little dance, and the next day she and I hunkered down and made a calendar of possible posts, and had endless thoughtful discussions about themes and Christmassy events… which is to say we hit Google hard in some inanely random searches for Holiday images and got thoroughly distracted posting links to each other shouting “Look at this! Look at this! I want this in my house for the Holidays!”

But, we managed to get our acts together (although while I type this, Chan is STILL tweeting me snowflakes or something because Christmas.)

Best of all though… WE HAVE GIFTS FOR YOU!

Some really cool swag from some awesomely generous sponsors (who will be listed in our site’s sidebar.) We’ll be featuring the giveaways at the end of certain posts between December 01-25, with instructions on how you can snag the swag, so be sure to check in daily.

Can’t wait, so excited! See you all tomorrow!


Anne & Chan


12 thoughts on “December Delights Begins Tomorrow!”

  1. I am so excited about this celebrations as you both are Anne and Chani…Last year you two gave me an awesome inspiration to enjoy the christmas holiday season even when I was down in the dumps..And this year, its truly a wedding holiday season for me…Because my sister is a Christmas bride..and my dear cousin is getting married on Christmas eve and another dear friend, the day after christmas…But I promise I will drop here as much as possible whenever time permits…Love you!


  2. happy December anne and chan – its the month of celebrations to me tooo (for various personal reasons)
    great to know that there is going to be a post everyday until Christmas – super awesome news
    am excited about it –
    bring it on dears


  3. Love spending Christmas with you…still remember the wonderful posts from last year. There is the Hallmark channel type Christmas and then there is the Anne’s Christmas lol.


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