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TBT: Book Bazaar Find



9 thoughts on “TBT: Book Bazaar Find”

  1. Enjoyed reading EB.
    Always wanted to know what next.
    Read them under the Duvet with the torch in hand.
    Had to finish.
    Always on look out for them at flea market or 2nd hand bookshops.
    Thanks for pulling this string.


  2. Anne first of all i wanted to thank you for the amazing books title you gave of your favourite childhood writter. Last week I was at a bookstore and I was looking for some of the books you had mentioned but didn’t find but did request to get them for me.

    But I found this book by Enid Blyton,The Family at Red – Roofs and I am glad cause I daughter loves the book.

    So once again A big hug to you for sharing this wonderful idea.


  3. Ohhh one of the many Enid Blyton series that I absolutely loved. In the early years I used to be appalled at how naughty Amelia Jane was, but then I truly began to enjoy her antics. She had so much more fun than some of the goody-two-shoes toys 🙂


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