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There’s a World Outside Your Window

I watched Band Aid 30, because I heard Bono and Seal were part of the group.

But, it’s the original 1984 version which remains special to me, the lyrics which stayed and always will. Not just because I’m not a big fan of remakes and covers, but really because Simon Le Bon, George Michael, Paul Young, Boy George, Sting and Bono!!! They were a big part of what influenced me in my youth, the power of their voices, the depth, the emotion.

All in all, I hope this new version does for a generation what our idols did for us. The message and cause is still strong, and is worth paying attention to and doing something about.




5 thoughts on “There’s a World Outside Your Window”

  1. Have watched both. Band Aid 30 & 1984 version.
    Still preferred 1984 version.
    But if it helps to make people aware of the Happenings & bring the
    positive outcome then I am all out for it.
    Watched Sir Bob Geldof last night & his heart felt message.
    Yes I am all for this.
    A little step towards making the World a better place.
    Thanking Paula Yates who sowed the Seed of ‘BAND AID’
    God Bless.


  2. Agreed. The 1984 version is much better. And much of my view is influenced by the fact that I can’t recognize more than a handful of these new singers.


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