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Kim Kardashian – 1, Science – 0


Really, I was going to write all about the comet landing, but then I saw what one of those scientist guys was wearing and thought I should go with Kim because she’s more famous than his comic book girlfriends.

And, real.

So, lots of newsfeeds cluttered with pictures of Kim K’s ass, many “OMGeeees,” lots of articles, opinions, some applause, plenty of criticism and even a ton of rage.

Can that girl get people believing she’s the only woman who has a body and ever modeled it naked in a magazine or what?

Amongst all the things being said (or screametyped) I’ve noticed the Mama Bears are out in force too, because why in the world shouldn’t this also be about us? We’re human, we have needs, we want to be heard so… Let’s get angry.

To be fair, some mothers have taken all this with a grain of salt, and even a casual shrugging off of the whole thing, but then there are plenty (and I mean plenty) of moms out there saying all sorts of things about Kim K’s latest poses, which essentially is one thing only.

She is a mother, hence she should be ashamed of herself for posing naked and setting such a bad example for her offspring.

So, of course I take issue with that, because I am also a mother (after being a human being and all) and what I don’t get about this absolute bullshit and ridiculous statement is why in the name of fuck is it assumed that once a woman becomes a mother, she should automatically get rid of her sexuality if it isn’t already cut off along with each umbilical cord attached to all of her offspring at their births.

Why in the world do we keep insisting mothers be these chaste goddess beings who sit prettily on thrones shaped like a uterus, and wear long flowing robes of white silk under which they ‘modestly’ breastfeed their angelic infant while their other children run around in prisms of light beaming out of goddess-mommy’s magical halo?

Sorry? Did I hear a roar from the but she doesn’t have to take off her clothes to be sexy group?

Yes, I did, and I agree, a woman does not have to do that. However, Kim Kardashian chose to do it, she has chosen this particular way to fame and fortune, and you know what? There is nothing wrong with a woman making her own choices, especially when it comes to her own body.

From when we’re kids we’re constantly reminded of how girls “should” behave, and especially in public. Take for instance the very way we were instructed to sit. Legs crossed or together. It’s the decent thing to do, the modest way to be, and every girl should conform except of course when she spreads her legs for sex with a man (only one please) and later when she pushes out his babies.

Now, let’s talk about the ‘example’ she’s setting for her kid *gasp* her daughter. Well, it’s her example to set isn’t it? Her kid, her business?

This moral policing of women and what they’re choosing to do with their bodies has to stop. These assumptions that women do not know what they’re doing and so are making such bad choices, therefore they cannot be trusted to make their own choices is a fucking dangerous road to walk on, and as women we should be ashamed to not already know it, and if we know it we need to stop doing it ourselves with each other.

I posted something on my Facebook page earlier today, and I’ll say it again here.

We’ve been conditioned for too long to believe the female body is something to be ashamed of, and that revealing any part of it which society does not deem fit, is wrong. When a woman in places like Pakistan is stripped off her clothes and forced to walk around her village naked for an “offence,” it is done to shame her and remind her that society owns her body.

I don’t care either way for Kim Kardashian, but she owns her body, enough to do with it as she pleases.




9 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian – 1, Science – 0”

  1. Wow Anne you got me hooked to this. You know what your absolutely right it’s her body n her daughter she can do whatever she want. And all those who say bad things about Kim its simple they are jealous n don’t have guts to pose for such pictures periodically.

    So I tell them don’t look at the picture.

    Enjoy your weekend. And a big kiss n hug from me for this post.

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  2. I agree with the point that its her choice and if she wants to sell her body or cover it up its her choice to do so. I also can’t stand this hoopla about being a mother and once you are that you are expected to behave a certain way. I wonder what gay men who are mothers think of this sentiment when people say ” Oh for Gods sake you shouldn’t do this you are a mother now”. There are plenty of hookers, pole dancers, strippers porn stars who happen to be mothers and who use their body as they wish. It’s their right so just to blast Kim because she is making more money out if it is not her fault. The world wants it that’s why they click on every image and pay her the bucks. She’s got it and she is using it to her advantage.

    If you do read the daily news you are bombarded with celebrities showing their nakedness under every possible guise and I am not sure if they are celebrating their empowerment or they chose to sell their body like Kim but does not have the guts to be blatant about it.

    What I often wonder is why in the last decade or so empowerment is seen to be expressed only by exposure. This is not only true for women but men as well although we see women more in media because their image is abused ( they are used as things to titillate) but take, magazines or reality shows ( there is something with naked couples which I saw on some daily rag) or whatever. Unless you make a sex tape and show your genitals it seems no one takes you seriously.

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    1. Good point, and yes it does seem to be happening more although that could in a large way be due to the boom of social media and people getting info faster than previously. I think in our generation we had the ones breaking sexual barriers through empowerment (because let’s admit, the barriers are ridiculous and sexist) – We had our Madonna, Freddie Mercurys, Prince doing what celebs such as Marilyan and Lovelace had previously done. Demi Moore I think landed one of the first blows (in our generation) to the entire and somewhat warped imagery of motherhood with her Vanity Fair cover pose. Now we have Miley Cyrus, Minaj, Lady Gaga and Kim K, not to mention Beyonce all up there showing off empowerment. I think though that they’re keeping the lines pretty well defined, doing it within their own world (or rather using what’s already in that world and turning it around as they want to instead of letting it rule them) They may sometimes fall victim as much as the next one (like Kim seems to have done when it comes to the race angle) but it’s not to say they’re not taking steps.

      As for the mom thing, sheesh. My newsfeed just wont stop flooding crap.

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  3. Agree with everything , some of the comments especially on her being ashamed of doing this because she is a mother are beyond ridiculous.

    I am not sure how this plays as empowerment these days. To some extent it’s about building an image by an individual to attach a certain brand equity especially in this field , like say LMFAO, Lady Gaga etc. Even the covers for PETA, I don’t even know what they do to the organization or the cause.

    As a society the perception about body both male and female is changing, hence groups like mom brigade resist it using the moral code. The uncomfort is good, it leads to discussions, brings out our hypocrisy associated with exposure .

    On KK picture, well , keeping aside everything, that one got to be one ugly picture though – the over done oiling, the centaur pose. Dunno why I ended up thinking about Dolares Umbridge.

    It wasn’t the cover which broke the internet , it was our hypocrisy , photoshop that did it in.

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  4. Was just wondering usually people want to see a famous woman naked (porn, mag covers, phone hacking , posters in bedrooms) but when a woman removes her clothes willingly and offers it herself. They all become morally upright. Funny world.

    But must say KK is smart, she plays this social hypocrisy to her advantage, keeps the money rolling, hitting the headlines, becomes talk of the town and that all without giving two hoots to the noise surrounding her.


  5. people have their own choices and opinions, but others doesn’t have to like or approve it and just because they don’t approve they have no right to make a fuss about it.
    u r totally right about the social hypocrisy, I still gets scolded by my grandmother for not putting my legs modestly or sitting straight
    as for the motherhood dressing style its their choice. but made me think of my little cousin who wants his mom to wear saaree while coming to his school, his vision of mother consists of one wearing saree


  6. Frankly, here the issue here is not so much KK & her choices as it is about the opinion that if you are a mother, you have to have a halo over your head when doing or thinking anything! THAT stinks!


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