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Will the Great Pumpkin come tonight?




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pumkin 2


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Happy Halloween everyone!


Anne & Chani


9 thoughts on “Will the Great Pumpkin come tonight?”

  1. Happy Halloween.
    Trickle Treat.
    I blow Happy Witchy Wishes to Both of You.
    When You are out & about & happen to see the Slimy Green faced
    Long nosed, Black Caped adorned Witch on Her Broomstick
    Along with Her Inky Cat
    Open Your Palms & Blow one of My Witchy Wishes.
    And shout BOO
    Someone Wrote ‘
    ‘B is for Broomstick to fly
    O is for outrageous Spooks that go by
    O is for Pumpkins so bright ‘
    Soon She will be on her Way.
    Sure Signs of Halloween Night.
    Be Safe. Enjoy Halloween Night Trickle Treating with Your loved Ones.
    🙂 😀


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