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Oscar de la Renta – The Man, The Legend

In the fashion world, there has never been a man of as much class and dignity as the legendary Oscar de la Renta. He was my favourite by far. A cut above, and sheer excellence. A magnificent designer and artist.

Oscar de la Renta designed clothes for women and nothing other than healthy respect and admiration for the woman’s mind and body influenced him. He taught me about lines and attention to detail, the elegance in simplicity, yet how alluring a ruffle could be, and how to appreciate the rustling crush of taffeta.

When I got married, I wanted only that fabric for my wedding dress, because no one but no one knew to do wedding gowns like Oscar did.

To me, his gowns will always be where they were meant to be in women’s fashion. At the very top.

The world has lost a icon today. He will be sorely missed, and always loved.

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15 thoughts on “Oscar de la Renta – The Man, The Legend”

  1. He was an artist to the core.
    Picked up materiel and created a statement.
    Simple lines. Elegance. What more can be said.
    Yes will be greatly missed.
    There will only be one ‘Oscar De La Renta’


  2. May his soul rest in peace.
    Those pictures are sheer brilliance! And exactly what his words say…which makes a woman fall in love and desire those dresses greatly that marks the beginning of a fashion – her fashion statement!


  3. Icon, Legend and Oscar de La Renta – very interchangeable.

    He symbolized elegance and grace. To think I was admiring his good health while browsing Amal’s pics , I cannot help now but remember all the iconic visions he has given. Owning a piece from him is an experience, it’s history, love and beauty.

    I guess if a woman wore a ODLR number, there was nothing else she ever needed.

    Artist, Lover and a dream. That is and will always be – Oscar de La Renta.


  4. Expected this piece from Chani. Not much into fashion of the global kind, except on celebrities I’m afraid…came to know of this iconic legend onky after he passed away. The pics here showcase his love for texture, cut & flow…beautiful! His mark in fashion will always be up there, as a benchmark, an inspiration, even though he is no more.


  5. “Elegance in simplicity”…how often designers, and the women who wear their creations, forget that single, simple rule.
    de la Renta embodied dreamy, flowing designs. Whenever I imagine an Oscar de la Renta gown I envision exactly what you’ve featured here. Simple elegant lines, lace, taffeta, a twist here, a bow there. And somehow I just associate him with pastel chiffons and pale gold taffeta.


  6. Hi Anne, Great tribute to one of my favourite designers – class, elegance, totally timeless. ESpecially love the photo of the dress on the hanger and the gorgeous dress with white lace bodice and black skirt – just stunning! PS Tried to reply to your message from Blogging 201 but couldn’t! Thanks foir your kind comments on my blog, I tried to send my email address as requested but wonder now if my message was spammed?! . Best wishes Jane


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