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Be mindful, don’t waste food.

Yesterday was World Food Day and “Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth!” is the theme selected by United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) for this year.They have recognized Family Farming as an important measure to eradicate hunger and poverty and is urging governments to take initiatives to help the small scale farmers.

I read many articles and saw many posts yesterday which made me think a lot. As per predictions, by 2015 we will have 9 billion people in this world. How we feed these people is going to be a very big challenge. At the same time regardless of whether your country is a developed or a developing one there is massive scale waste.I was looking at our office cafeteria the other day and realized with sadness that an enormous amount of food that is thrown away daily. This food just ends up in garbage dumps and is not even given away to stray starving animals in shelters. I have often tried to get them to separate the food so that we can give to some animal shelter but no one really is interested and I am looked at like some crazed woman.

For us to have this food countless amounts of animals are reared and slaughtered and so many people work very hard to farm and harvest at great cost to the environment and even our own health with the use of chemicals and pesticides. It is disgusting to see the way people serve amounts that they cannot possibly consume just to throw away. How many times have you seen piled up plates at the buffet table and then the waiters clearing away most of it uneaten? How many times do we take a servings of everything just because it is free? In the meantime there are millions of staving people on earth and thousands die daily due to hunger.

I think what each of us can do is be more mindful. I think the old tradition of saying “grace” is a beautiful one and we should always take a moment to be thankful for what we have received. Whether you pray to a God or not is not the point. But be thankful to everyone and yourself for being able to afford this meal.

Don’t be greedy

Respect and be thankful for the beings who has died to give you this nourishment

Take what is only needed

Don’t waste

Give to others




10 thoughts on “Be mindful, don’t waste food.”

  1. Oh Chani your so right. I hate to see food waisted so now I have even taught my kids to serve little on their plates and to take more only if they finish what’s on their plate.

    Last Ramadan we had guest over n one of their cousin had put so much food on his plate n asked my daughter, you have fasted the whole day how come your plate has only salad n starters n my daughter answer my mummy says to put little food only on the our plate n take more if ur not full so we don’t waste it, since there are other ppl who starve.

    I wish everyone would follow this idea because my family n I are already on it.

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    1. I agree, take little , finish, have more. My daughters have been doing the same. Especially in Ramadan at iftaar parties I see people go crazy filling their plates and then wasting.


  2. So true, Chani. We are all taught to respect and be grateful for the food we receive. In my family, we serve ourselves only small portions that we need and look not to waste the food… ‘mitahar’ ( mit: limited, ahar: food)
    Really nice of you to take small steps to curb the wastage, I’m sure your efforts will not go vain. Sure, everybody should make a conscious effort to minimise the wastage.


  3. Ah Chani, grew up with similar ideology because of long instilled teaching of the familia and it has stayed over the years.
    Hope more and more people became aware about this and minimize food wastage especially during social functions like weddings etc.


  4. It really is tragic and true. People waste more food than that what they eat. Seriously I so wish they can think wisely. Not only in restaurants people cook much more than they should, making different dishes, two three types of stews and curries etc. And when its free then I think they work on the rule that if u dont waste it u urself is a waste which ironically is true lol… I wish everyone act now to save our next generation.


  5. You are so right Chani …
    I too have always hated seeing food being wasted …
    it is absolutely criminal to waste food … the only way each one of us can contribute towards this is by seeing that there is no wastage in our own homes … We should make our children aware that no food should be left on their plates or rather they should serve themselves only as much as they want …
    It really saddens me when adults waste food … I wish schools take up this topic with a vengeance as teaching children are our futures …


  6. Very true! We don’t have to do much, but do exactly what you mentioned here “Mindful”. Take what you will surely have onto your plate and finish it fully. If you can’t eat politely decline. IIT Delhi festival is going on and yesterday I signed up in a social awareness program where students were trying to spread awareness for animal rights, safety, animal abuse etc. I am not sure whether those students would accomplish their aim or people would consider it serious but felt good that at least few social conscious people are trying to do something.


  7. True Chani but what are the solutions? At a social level I know there are NGOs which do take care of excessive food cooked at events & distribute it to the needy, but where food is wasted on a plate…that requires a mindset change which is personal & needs to be inculcated at home like how @monalisa does with her children. Where there are schools which provide meals this could be done more effectively as children are more receptive to their teachers. Regarding the adults who wantonly pile their plates because its free….what you have suggested makes sense.

    However, this should be programmed in as part of any event, to be taken seriously. The problem with food is its limited shelf life, particularly because it is cooked much earlier, so the logistics don’t work out too well in its favour. People, specifically adults should be targeted to spread awareness of the fallout of their habits. I have found religion & even mythology to be a great teacher in this aspect. That story in the Mahabharat of Krishna being satisfied with a few grains of rice in Draupadi’s cooking bowl brings across the point beautifully I thought.


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