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A Glimpse at My Desk

And, a nice quote too, although I’m mostly sometimes guilty of not following it.


Hope you all are well. It’s a busy week here. #AmWriting #Fiction




18 thoughts on “A Glimpse at My Desk”

  1. It is hard to maintain Silence.
    ‘Silence is one of the great art of conversation’ Marcus Tullius Cicero
    ‘We need silence to be able to touch A Soul’ Mother Teresa.
    ‘Silence is golden when you can’t think of an answer’ Muhammad Ali
    To touch the Souls of your Readers Dear Anne sit at your window
    seat with your hot bitter sweet coffee and contemplate on the Fiction
    You are about to write.
    Happy Writing.
    scorpio47 🙂 😀

    PS. :- waiting to read your Fictions.

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  2. Always admire those who can think before speaking, & when they do, they fulfill the quote! They are a rare species. It has been too often that I have felt like silently gagging after making a fool of myself!

    Have a great week, you too!

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  3. A glimpse at my desk will show you two jars…one filled with candy and the other with mixed dry fruits 🙂
    What? It’s sustenance, dammit! Do you know how enervating it is to sit at the same spot for hours and just type? 🙂 At my age, too!

    No demands not to break the silence, because there IS no silence — EVER.

    Enjoy the rest of the week, ladies. xxx

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  4. This is a beautiful quote …

    Silence … I can sit for hours just reflecting over my own thoughts …

    Anne … I was a nursery school teacher for a few years … it really is difficult to stop children from talking and rightfully they should not be curbed too much … so I learnt the art of blocking out sounds … 🙂 am quite a pro at not letting noise bother me …


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