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Throwback Thursday: Books (Short Story)


7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Books (Short Story)”

    1. Ok , this book reminds of my grandfather coz of old man’s tenacity but mostly because I could understand the bond between the Santiago and Manolin,

      Hemingway never misses an opportunity to pass on an important life lesson. that we can be destroyed but never defeated unless we ourselves give up. Knowledge, bond and love are few things with can make us eternal. Santiago would lived through Manolin, he found a way to defeat death . So he could be destroyed at sea or in life but an individual is capable enough of not only surviving but winning any adversary including death.

      Now, my problem with Hemingway has always been how he defines his “men ” and their distinction . Probably the only author who I am always reluctant about. Was interesting to see him again.

      Love Anne for this little blast from past



      1. I have , it’s interesting. Two of the biggest personalities , jazz era – the parallels.
        The choices they make, the individual they were, might seem overpowering but I feel in isolation a lot of us go through those phases in relationship and otherwise. In the midst of Jazzy glamour , there was a very broken tale.

        “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – Sad , melancholy and very real.

        Thanks, you made me re-visit a great memory.

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