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Pret-a-Blogger: She Sure Looks Good in Black

Fashion changes, but style endures.” Coco Chanel


It has been deemed an essential in a woman’s wardrobe, the one item of clothing you can step out in anywhere and at anytime. And, for that we can be thankful to only one woman.

When in 1926 Coco Chanel placed a drawing of a simple black, long sleeved crêpe de Chine dress, worn with a single strand of pearls in America’s Vogue magazine, the original ‘widow’s weeds’ turned into what we today call the Little Black Dress aka the LBD.

Vogue said it was “Chanel’s Ford” and it was. Like the Model T, the dress itself was simplistic and elegant.

coco chanel

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” CC

Vogue went on to predict that the dress would become “a sort of uniform for all women of taste,” and never has a prediction of style been set more firmly in stone since then.

4-model-evening-dress_300The handkerchief hem LBD – Chanel 1928

10-dress-neckline_300‘The New Look’ full skirted LBD – Christian Dior 1948

The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.”   Coco Chanel

When it comes to clothes, I’m particular, and tend to lean more towards classic looks, instead of bursting trends. The LBD has always appealed to me for just that reason. It is simplistic, no fuss, and best of all, it is black. I don’t believe the colour suits everyone, because let’s face it, black is not some random colour pick, neither is it only ‘slimming’ as many like to think.

Black on a woman, for me is unaffected panache. It is the chutzpah in her eyes, an innate confidence in her every step, the oomph which naturally surrounds her. Black does not give a woman appeal, it compliments the appeal she holds within.

I’ve seen a lot of women sporting black although it doesn’t suit them, but there are some who when they wear it, always bring to mind the Daryle Singletary song whose title I used for this post.

As far as the almighty LBD goes, it is difficult to pick women who have carried off not just the colour, but the true essence of the dress. Plenty have worn the LBD, from First Ladies to grunge rock stars, but there will always be those whose individual style, grace, and vitality give it that something special, the ‘Wow Factor.’

Here are some of my favourite legends of yesteryear, timeless women who truly showed us what the LBD was all about.

tumblr_mq1j0bohW21sb2hm5o1_500Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, wearing the most iconic LBD of all time. – Hurbert de Givenchy, 1961

marilyn-monroe-little-black-dressMarilyn Monroe  in a wool-crepe LBD – Galanos 1956

 4d91f41abffc446052c70f98d468cc7bSophia Loren – Christian Dior 1950s

a4eead77d6295555a5a820aff11b877cThe LBD and Grace

b82f7b3e00a38be1db7ab66b99992a4aPrincess Diana stepped out for a Vanity Fair party in this head-turning LBD, shortly after Prince Charles’ infamous adultery confession during a BBC interview in 1994.  The dress was designed by Christina Stambolian, and kicked off Diana’s personal brand of style that turned her into a fashion icon.

 Brigitte-Bardot-Black-and-White-Photograph-28Bridget Bardot, Goddess of Glam

Photo of Eartha KITTEartha Kitt – Pure poise

rita-hayworth-gilda-17A longer version of the LBD brought to life by none other than the bewitching Rita Hayworth

Tippi Hedren's black dressGorgeous Tippi Hedren, 1963

avaAva Gardner – Incomparable.

Special thanks to my personal fashion guru, Chani, for letting me guest post in her Pret-a-Blogger realm. I’ll be back next week with Part II of She Sure Looks Good in Black featuring women of now in the LBD.



Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” Coco Chanel


24 thoughts on “Pret-a-Blogger: She Sure Looks Good in Black”

  1. Fashion Gods and the keepers of Vogue heard me. i wanted a LBD post on PAB and secretly kept pressing the prayer. And viola , here we have it – The LBD.

    I am not a huge fan of Karl L but I agree with him when he said , “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress”.

    I am not too fond of black colour usually, i find it safe , boring but then you give me a perfect LBD, I would give up everything and swim the seas for it. There is elegance , sophistication and something eternal with a LBD ,provided it’s done right.

    I feel it might not suit everyone but even then it brings a sort of safety net to the wearer . Probably it’s the universal approval but a LBD will always get you the coveted entry.

    I think it was when Audrey wore hers that I lost my heart to this little piece of history. And now no matter how much I crib about black, they somehow always manage to sneak in my wardrobe.

    From the looks posted, it has to be Diana and Grace who have me purring. Rest of the ladies well, they just make me want to hunt down every single piece.

    j’aime la vie

    Oops just realized it’s Anne, you woman would be responsible for some serious damage to my card.

    Love , hugsssss and LBD.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. For me the LBD is one of the greatest inventions of this century.

    And I love all the images you have chosen, they are the true titans of style. When you look at them you can see the power, the sensuality, the ease and the sheer elegance this wonderful twirl of colour brings to each of these women. But then again they are true goddesses who are not playing dress up, they invented the game and that shines through like a beacon. Rita Hayworth as Gilda wow .. simply wow. This is why this style will always be timeless, it does that to anyone. There is a reason why it has this cult status. There is an insane elegance to it. It can just transform you from being this fussed fretted person to a swan in a second. It’s a crime not to have a LBD in your closest.

    I love Audrey she is my idol but this picture of Ava Gardner sent shivers down my spine and I remembered this quote of hers to Frank Sinatra,

    “Go fuck yourself,” I replied, always the lady. “I’m staying here.”


    Love the LBD, Love this post and you should do this more often too.

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    1. I stressed over the pictures of Audrey for longer than I should have. Asking myself “Would Chan like this? Would she approve? Will she paddle me if she doesn’t?” all through it was not fun.


  3. When I was a teenager and first learned about LBD, for me owning and wearing (conservative parents!!!!!) LBD became a milestone to measure when I ‘arrived’.

    Agree Love your icons of style.

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  4. Totally agree black is the color that if suits u gives u DA LOOK …. Really…. And no doubt a simple black dress can win over many glittery dresses it has that power n with this post I fell in love with the color once again. … loved all the looks but I can’t stop ogling at Lady Diana( the ultimate diva of style n elegance) and Audery… and the best part was the surprise tht this time it was Anne doing Pret a blog. Can’t wait for next Pret A Blog. loats of kisses n hugs muaaah


  5. Wow … All these women look so amazing n black … LBD … It actually changed the way women dress .. … Loved all the pics …


  6. black is always beautiful – my wardrobe has a lot of black dresses but I cannot call them LBDs
    awesome pics of icons of style –


  7. I was enlightened greatly by this guest post. Thanks Chani and Anne. LBD fashion will never end. And Black is my personal favorite..well I use it more often due to the reasons you spelled out here “It is the chutzpah in her eyes, an innate confidence in her every step, the oomph which naturally surrounds her. Black does not give a woman appeal, it compliments the appeal she holds within”– its very true…and it also makes me feel little slim..not always though..:-) Also CC’s quotes which you used are really interesting and amusing ones! Thanks for sharing!!!


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