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Pret -a-Blogger: The Supremely Stylish Kiran Rao

When I started my fashion posts I got many requests to do one on Asian designs or celebrities. So I started actively checking out most of the famous people in Bollywood and what I found was that most of them, although incredibly fashionable and stylish, do not have their own individual style.There are many fashionable ladies who wear clothes beautifully and there are the obvious fashionista’s in the new lot like Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut but I see more of latest fashion on them rather than great style.

Style is personal and it is also eternal. Orson Welles said “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”  and when I look at most of these famous celebrities I don’t see anyone who really lives by that. Style is not just buying the latest trends and wearing it like as shown on the catwalk. Style is also not wearing brands from top to toe and transforming yourself from one look to another and completely disappearing under that. Style is having an individual statement. It is like your DNA, whatever you wear does not own you.. you own it and you make it your own. A hundred other people could wear the same thing, but when you wear it, there is a difference. That is style.

One such celebrity who I have admired for a few years is Kiran Rao. Film producer, screenwriter, and director with a penchant for art house parallel cinema. Her directorial debut was a critical success which I happen to love and she is also the wife of Bollywood actor and star Aamir Khan. One thing I love about Kiran is that from the beginning she never tried to dress like the other star wives and was always true to herself. She is pretty and effervescent and a thorough intellectual but she is not all serious either. She has fun with fashion and whatever she wears she makes it her own.

It is difficult to mix eclectic ethnic and chic in one look yet Kiran manages to do just that. Her looks are never just sexy, pretty, dainty, edgy or casual. There is a mix. There is always a supreme confidence and comfort level and her quirky personality always shines through. I love her slightly off kilter quirky style and I love that she always takes fashion risks. She does not stick to one thing that only works for her and repeat it forever. She tries things out and carries them off with elan and this is why in my books she is one of the most stylish ladies in Bollywood.

So here are some of my favourite looks.


Pictures courtesy of High Heel Confidential


kiran-rao-at-luv-shuv-tey-chicken-khurana-premiere-with-celine-bag kiran-rao-at-nikhil-advani-birthday-bash Kiran-Rao-At-Screening-Of-Ship-of-Theseus-In-Nishka-Lulla Kiran-Rao-At-Star-Pariwar-Awards- Kiran-Rao-At-Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-Screening kiran-rao-ficci-frames-2011 Kiran-Rao-In-Bodice-At-Queen-Screening-1 Kiran-Rao-In-Drashta-At-GQ-Best-Dressed-Men-2014-1 Kiran-Rao-In-Gaurav-Gupta-At-The-Designers-Show-At-India-Bridal-Week-2013 Kiran-Rao-In-Péro-by-Aneeth-Arora-At-Mumbai-Film-Festival-2 Kiran-Rao-In-Raw-Mango-At-5th-Jagran-Film-Festival-Party Kiran-Rao-In-Rohit-Gandhi-And-Rahul-Khanna-At-Diva’Ni-Store-Launch Kiran-Rao-In-Shift-By-Nimish-Shah-At-A-Ship-of-Theseus-Promotion kiran-rao-on-koffee-with-karan-2013 kiran-rao-photographed-in-raw-mango-sari kiran-rao-shivan-narresh-man-of-steel-screening kiran-rao-shivan-narresh-mardaani-screeningbappa-lahiri-wedding-kiran-rao-wift-launch-art-exhibitionKiran-Rao-At-Deepika-Padukones-Success-Doart-event-kiran-rao-cueUnCovered-Kiran-Rao-In-Rajesh-Pratap-Singh-For-Elle-August-2014


15 thoughts on “Pret -a-Blogger: The Supremely Stylish Kiran Rao”

  1. Yay PAB post!!

    Nothing brightens the day more than some fashion shashion.

    With you about Sonam and Kangana, both extremely pretty and well styled women. But then their look is something that says a lot about Dior/Chanel/McQ that they are sporting then about the ladies. Pretty pictures rather than interesting individuals – thats the impression I usually make of them.

    Kiran Rao is kind of like a breathe of fresh air, i cannot think of anybody else who does quirky kitschy so well. That is her originality and she doesn’t seem “made up” or selling some brand.

    I think she throws an interesting mix of looks be it her traditional saris which are mostly teamed with interesting blouses or the androgynous (hate the term, but well) look.

    Another thing that surprised me right now is how diverse and chameleon like she usually is. Sheath to sari, pranks to maxis, she manages to retain herself in each of them. Fashion win i say.

    Would have loved the Elle cover more if it wasn’t for the OTT Photoshop.

    I love you and this soooo much.

    Phew, my cards are relived too.

    Thanks for making finding the personality in a clone industry.

    Hugs and love.


  2. Too true Chani. Most of our Bollywood ladies seem far too brand conscious to actually be enjoying fashion. They’re far too focused on outdoing each other and making sure they’re photographed with not a hair out of place. Even the so-called grunge look is carefully crafted!
    Though it is aesthetically pleasing, it does get monotonous.

    Kiran Rao is one woman who has the courage to dress to please herself and not for her audience. I don’t always agree with her style, but the sheer elan with which she carries it off shows her confidence in herself, her body and her overall personality. Kudos to her.


  3. I love her Lego earrings. She has that ‘something’ I’ll give her that, but what I think makes her stand out is you can see how comfortable she is in her own skin.


  4. I totally agree with u that bollywood actresses don’t have their own style even Kangna n Sonam… another woman I remember who wear whats not the trend or dare I say is totally different but at the same time it neither looks good on her nor I like that n her name is Vidiya balan. And for Kiran I honestly haven’t seen her much but the pics u shared I will agree to u she definitely is very stylish.


  5. Trust your discerning eye to pick out the gem from the stones Chani! I have always found Kiran Rao to be distinctive in her identity not just as Aamir Khan’s wife, but as an accomplished director & producer. Her manner of dressing cannot really be termed as styling as it seems to be an extension of her persona…the specs, the short curls, the piquant & gamine look all combined!

    Well researched Chani….in fact in some of the pics she stands out over the modelled ones due to those personal touches so quintessentially her!


  6. It is really fresh to see an individuality among Indian Celebrities.
    She looks like someone who is Confident And Carries it off With Ease.
    Well Done Kiran Rao. Be True to Yourself.
    Scorpio47 😀


  7. I loved what you wrote about fashion Chani. It’s impactful and true! Inspiring too. And what you wrote about Kiran is absolutely true – “She is pretty and effervescent and a thorough intellectual but she is not all serious either”. Loved the pictures showcasing Kiran and her taste of fashion! Am very very glad that you chose to write about Kiran than Sonam Kapoor! 🙂


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