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Oh George!!!

For the longest time whenever I came across these over eager aunties, matrons or bridezilla wannabe’s who advocate marriage with a zeal that would humiliate a jihad-dist I used to point out very triumphantly that this marriage thing is absolutely NOT necessary and there are enough people in this world who are doing very well without it. I would proudly point out George Clooney, happy as a clam who fended off the pressure for years and dated some of the most beautiful women, and if I am not wrong won 2 bets to the tune of $40,000 from Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer who bet that he will be married with kids by 40.

That was till yesterday when he got married.

It seemed somehow as if the glory of being single suffered a huge blow, George was the beacon of hope for all of us married and unmarried, he symbolized the freedom, adventure and fantasy long lost or longed for, and like my beloved Anne pointed out yesterday, It was the end of an era.

Of course my lament was not well received by the hubs who asked what is so wrong with being married ? And, am I finding fault with him now?? What did he do wrong now? And, that it’s not like George dumped me to marry this girl? The questions came at an alarmingly brisk pace and before I landed myself in more trouble, and after being stared emphatically in the face by the exact reason why I surrendered my single status, I acknowledged wholeheartedly that spending your life in the company of someone who truly loves and shares your values is wonderful.

Looking at the pictures that were floating on the internet, I must admit I was smiling myself, they both looked truly happy and I am very happy for them and wish them both the very best and a wonderful life ahead.

Congratulations George and Amal!



11 thoughts on “Oh George!!!”

  1. I hope Clooney let go of his singlehood swag for the reasons that has all to do with love, care and respect.

    Let the Shaadi Gods bless him and his gorgeous wife.

    Now even the aunties would go, dekho even your Clooney is married now? Ab it’s your time …….

    Sigh end of an era , really!!


  2. Oh Chani… 😉
    I was wondering when one of you would comment on the conquering of this final bastion of bachelorhood.
    He was so… so…just — THERE with his in-your-face bachelorhood. His sexy smirk firmly in place in all those pictures with some of the most beautiful women in the world. The “I’ve got it all right here, right now, why the fuck (pun completely unintended ;)) would I want to go spoil it all by marrying her?” look.
    But when he did crumble, oh boy! I don’t think any of us would grudge him this gorgeous, accomplished woman.
    I wish Amal and George years of joyful togetherness.
    May his smirk never fade.


  3. I was one of those people who championed George Clooney too. I never fancied him, but, sharing a birthday with him, made me think that my views on marriage are not weird after all if someone like him has the same as well. He has been married before and I think his skepticism arose simply because he didn’t expect to meet someone outside the industry. When you think about it, his present wife is truly the kind of woman you would have expected him to marry, if he married at all.


  4. Oh well GOOD LUCK to the newly Weds.
    Will He Won’t He ?
    Thank God the Hype is done & dusted.
    Yes I do like his Smirky Smile.
    And the Distinguished Silver Streaked Hair.
    At the End of the Day Lets All Wish Him All the Bliss & Bla Bla bla ……
    They make a beautiful Cute Couple.
    💑 🎩👠💅👰👙💘


  5. I’m a sceptic regarding Hollywood marriages, but do sincerely hope this lasts…they seem made for each other both into causes which are more sustaining than just mere attraction though that definitely is there!


  6. congratulations to the awesome couple – the pic depict them to be a very happy and cute couple – hope it remains the same forever
    When I saw the post of brad and angie in this blog, I definitely knew this one was on its way – thank u so much for this post


  7. Oh god! I missed this news..can you believe it? but thats natural since I have been off the radar for sometime helping my sister with her upcoming wedding..Anyways best wishes to the couple! The romantic in me swoons knowing that finally Geroge met his match…He waited and while waiting he enjoyed but finally when he found love we got a post on him…;-) !


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