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An Affair to Remember

It began early, way back when I was just a kid. Caffeine was a part of our household, mostly in the form of tea which my parents both drank alot. That, as most know is common for this part of the world, for adults and many kids alike.

Coffee however, usually put in an appearance when the weather turned really cold, and also during the months when it got exceptionally warm and blenders were often loaded up with crushed ice, milk and heaping spoons of instant coffee and sugar, then churned to chilled perfection and served to everyone. Oh the highs we less than 10 year olds got from those lethal concoctions!

I adore coffee, always prefer to drink it over any other beverage including water. It’s a love affair that I give a lot of time to, indulge in without guilt. I savour it, treasure it, and honestly cannot and will not do without it in my life.

Over the years I’ve gone through gallons of this beloved drink, and so in honour of International Coffee Day, I thought I’d share my list of java drinks I have enjoyed and that have stayed with me as favourites. Not going to mention brands and blends here, because I really don’t want to get me jumping on that train.

Fair warning. When it comes to coffee, I’m mostly traditional, and not so much the “Tall-skinny-mocha-frappe-latte-double whip-cinnamon-sugar free” person, OK? – I’m not that cool. I like coffee straight up, strong and hot. I also like my men that way, but I digress, so here’s my list.

Iced Coffee (Or Cold Coffee)


This drink always takes me back to my childhood and in particular the summer holidays. I drank a lot of this during backyard lunches, while curled up with a book in my attic (yes I had an attic for a playroom, which is a memory to be shared in another post,) and especially when friends came over. I prefer iced coffee made with a shot of espresso instead of the home-made instant coffee one. I don’t like it too sweet (and no ice-cream please what is wrong with you?) but it has to be chilled enough to freeze my brain.


www.pinterest.comAdmittedly, the ‘cooler’ of the coffees to many in my generation back in the day. I don’t know if it was the pronunciation we all at one time or another snobbishly partook in, or just because it looked more exotic that made it a popular drink for those in their late teens/early twenties, but I developed a liking for it, despite not being a big fan of milk at the time. To be fickle sometimes is not so bad, and occasionally I will still indulge and order myself a cappuccino, being careful to pronounce it just right of course. Ha!


espresso-t2I have loved this coffee type since an Italian friend of mine brewed it for me especially and taught me to appreciate every bittersweet sip. This is the drink I opt for after a really good meal (in particular, Italian food,) but only if I’m sure the restaurant knows their coffee.

South Indian Coffee (aka Filter Coffee)


Courtesy of my South Indian (Tamil) neighbours, whom I used to visit often, and OK especially when I smelled the coffee. Filter coffee is a classic, the mixing of it totally impressive (all that arm waving, hot liquid dancing from container to container and nothing spilling. Real class!) If you haven’t watched someone make South Indian coffee the traditional way, you should. It is also served as you see in the picture above, and that just completes the experience. It’s a big favourite of mine, and I miss my neighbours, so hopefully when I visit India sometime I will go nuts. (Just seeking coffee, visa people. How about you let up a little on us regular friendly, neighbourly folk on both sides K?)

Irish Coffee


So, alright, I have Irish relatives too, and this is one of the reasons I like them, alot.

This is a special drink. This is a very special drink, and not just because it has Irish whiskey in it. OK, so part of the reason is because it has Irish whiskey in it, but also because… No, it’s because it has Irish whiskey in it dammit and that’s what makes it awesome!

Café au lait


Because if you’ve ever sat at a street cafe in Paris and watched rain patter all around, you will know why.

Caffè Americano


A mainstay in my life and the first thing I order off a menu at almost every eatery I visit. I love this coffee because it is all the things coffee should be, and it smells like heaven too. With a dash of milk, a sachet of sugar, and occasionally some biscotti on the side makes it my idea of perfection in a cup.

Instant Coffee


Because, life is hectic, coffee is a necessity, and who has time to be that snobbish all the while?

Do you have a favourite coffee? More than one? I’d love to see what we have in common (or even not.)

Have a Happy Coffee Day… and you too, tea and non-caffeine people!





16 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember”

  1. Cold coffee is the best thing ever! no matter what weather .
    I personally like the desi, gharaelo type thing….. the haath ki phitti….:) that too really strong and no hand beater allowed to make it all fluffy . I prefer making it fluffy and light by beating it by my own hands…
    I also like the Moca Java Chip Frappa from Starbucks.
    And of course the Affogato .
    Anne, I think it is time we had coffee again. 🙂


  2. Aww, for someone who has stayed away from caffeine all her life, this post sure makes me rush for the nearest pot ( not the green one).

    Grew up in a tea loving , coffee lusting family, there have been times when they look at my snobbish non-caffeine nose and go “How are we even related”?

    I have had my cup only twice in my entire life. Filter coffee , thanks to our South Indian relatives and because Dad loved it so much Second , the Cafe au lait, because I wanted to do the proper Paris experience , once.

    Though I would take a straight up, strong and hot guy especially when he will do the whole latte-double whip-cinnamon-sugar free routine.

    So loveliest Anne, Happy International Coffee Day. May the powers of caffeine always be with you and fellow drinkers.

    Love and hugs


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  3. Happy International Coffee day Anne!
    Yay! and high five! for sharing your coffee interests because all these are my favourites too…with the exception of Irish. But I was really excited to see this topic….it brought a smile on my face….because rarely I find someone, who share their coffee interests…..and that too in such details….it was like I was waiting for someone one to talk about coffee…..Thanks for bringing on this topic!


  4. Oh coffee! Lovely post and it’s related to food and drink! Now that we are talking about coffee, I’d strongly recommend the Viennese coffees. For someone who doesn’t really drink espresso, I’m a fan of these. This is how they have their coffee: espresso with whipped cream and you can then top up with a liqueur of your choice…. Yeah baby! THAT is what makes these coffees my favourites:)


  5. Happy Coffee Day to you too Anne dear … and all on DW …

    Well … I have a love/hate relationship with coffee …
    a very controlled love affair I would say …
    when I go off Coffee … I can do without it for months …
    But when I’m onto it I just can’t survive without my ONE … yes just one cup of coffee a day … and the hotter the summer is the more I crave for my hot coffee … weird ain’t I !? 😉
    I never take chances with new coffee … just don’t like the flavoured ones available … love the South Indian brew … have Cappuccino at coffee parlours and the good old instant coffee for daily use though I do have a coffee press , filters and a coffee machine too … Seem to have gone off the Nescafé flavour … tried Davidoff in between and now am really enjoying Bru Instant Gold … it has a strong flavour …
    and I get my daily kick from it …
    Have just tried out a new flavour of beans called Arabica … have quite liked the flavour … but not enough to switch over from Bru …
    In my teens I used to live on black coffee … at leat eight to ten cups a day !
    There … that is my affair with good old coffee …


  6. I don’t drink coffee (ducking to avoid the glares, stares, and raised eyebrows, and the odd shoe) Sorry, but I don’t really enjoy it. I’m absolutely and completely a tea drinker. 🙂

    But my husband is big on coffee…black with no sugar on most days. But at the end of a nice Italian meal he loves a Macchiato. Google says ‘macchiato’ means stained or spotted in Italian. So — stained coffee!
    It has just a dash of milk and is served in a teeny little cup. Quite cute, actually 🙂

    “This is the drink I opt for after a really good meal (in particular, Italian food,) but only if I’m sure the restaurant knows their coffee.” This could almost be him talking, Anne.

    Still, if I am pressed into having a few sips of coffee, it would be the Irish because… well because it has Irish whiskey dammit! 🙂

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  7. What an absolutely lovely post. At home I am a tea drinker and yet love all the coffee’s which I make it a point to try outside.

    Number one on my list is … the Madras Coffee…When I wake up wanting this, I inform my husband we are having Brunch at Madras Cafe which is all of 30 miles away and I make us drive there so I can sit and relish this ambrosia while he manfully eats South Indian food he does not care for lol but that proves he loves me.

    Irish coffee is my drink for late night evenings…specially while on vacation…it invokes feeling of balmy nights.

    Espresso, Cappucino and Cafe Au Lait….all memories of unforgettable days in Europe…


  8. You already know my favorite! Filter coffee. For me that’s the best. Nothing beats that. But I am also a big big big fan of instant coffee due to the same reason you mentioned. This post reminded me of the post you did during Christmas about cakes! 🙂


  9. I have loved coffee all my life but in recent years after having my third and fourth born can’t seem to keep it in. But will surely try some that u have especially café a lait.


  10. Can’t believe I missed commenting on this. I used to be a crazy coffee drinker, now with old age I have become more of a tea drinker and into herbal and green teas but I love the smell of coffee and on those days when my body tells me I need it, it has to always be an Expresso or a Double Expresso, I love that hit. Café a lait with cakes is also one of my great indulgences.


  11. same my case…. caffeine was a part of our household n that too in form of tea. my family paternal and maternal families both they don’t drink tea they consume it u give them 12 cups a day they will b just satisfied. And I totally am in love with coffee though I haven’t tasted all types u mentioned but I will try them as well


  12. I am so tempted to going back to being a coffee fan, during college days it was foregone that a snack of dosa or idlis had to be washed down with south indian coffee! I’m definitely more uncool than you Anne…all those options in the coffee cafes sail over my head flustering me no end! Prefer my safe brewed teas or green teas as the offer maybe, to be accompanied by hot bhajjis, samosas if lucky to get them fresh off the kadai!


  13. I am basically a tea loves but I do indulge in coffee sometimes during rainy seasons. Being from a south Indian family and resisting coffee is very difficult but I do.
    I remember the times going to a cafe for the first time,seeing the menu and not understanding anything about the names it had. So ordered for the first one in the list the “capuccino”. I just prayed they won’t make fun of me if I pronounce it wrong lol. Since then its been my favourite!

    Then I experimented with choco frappe,mixing chocolate with coffee gives a very royal taste which I relish 🙂


  14. aaah that’s my favourite tooo – I miss my mom’s coffee – that has a special taste in it – I can never forget the aroma and the taste of the coffee which my mother makes –
    Anne, I haven’t had the opportunity to taste some of the coffees mentioned by you but I would definitely say that you should taste French coffee and the Turkish coffee – I love them –


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