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What I Wear Doesn’t Mean it’s a …..YES!

As per the esteemed Times of India and Priya Gupta the managing editor who took it upon herself to shame women into thinking that what we wear invites anyone and everyone to violate us at their will.

So my question to her is which woman out of this lot deserve to be raped?

Which one is really asking for it?

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It’s appalling and astonishing that the publication wishes to stand by these views and propagate this regressive mindset in a country where every minute a girl is raped and gang rape is rampant. They should issue a public apology and a retraction.

This is not about just one actress this is about the MINDSET that despite every claim of progress and where they supposedly worship the female shakthi a girl is still told because you did this, because you wore this and you went there…


Jai Hind!!!!!


9 thoughts on “What I Wear Doesn’t Mean it’s a …..YES!”

  1. The only good thing that has come out of this is people have started noticing how our media houses objectify women to sell few papers.

    I am pleased TOI is facing internal heat and the editorial team from Delhi has opposed their actions. More power to them.

    But will it be asking too much from a media giant to let go of it’s false ego and accept a grave mistake?

    Priya Gupta – By questioning the way DP wears her clothes in public , you have become the poster child of rape culture, I hope that gives you some sound sleep.

    Jai Hind, indeed.

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  2. These so called responsible media houses focus on an issue ONLY for the number of eyeballs it manages to grab.

    Unfortunately voyeurism sells more than anything else and voices like yours’ and mine are not seemingly important because they have a newspaper to write their shit on and we don’t. Advertisers won’t stop giving business to trashy tabloids just because they flashed a girl’s cleavage on its covers. Money makes the world go round…..

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  3. Shame on You TOI. Get a grip TOI.
    Priya Gupta You Are a Woman yourself. Are you still living In Dark Ages. You are just pandering to your Bosses.
    One can dress how One wishes. What right have You or anyone got to judge Them.
    Social Media Ha Are You Mocking?
    More like you are making Trashy Media.
    People like You are encouraging these vile thoughts to Unresponsible Public. Consequence ? More suffering.
    You Need to Grow Up.
    What Era are YOU living in?
    Well Done to those who all condem this Trashy Article.
    You & TOI should Apologise if you have a bit of guilt. Which I very much doubt.
    A Challenge to You.
    Do You know what would be commendable. For You to put Your Hands Up & say ‘yes I got it Wrong’ Bet You Have Not Got the Guts.
    scorpio47 😦


  4. I would like to know how Priya Gupta dresses.
    Does she shroud herself from head to toe in the belief that if she’s so covered she is safe from rape? Or does she believe if she’s dressed in anything other than a high-necked, full-sleeved, ankle-length dress she is sending out signals about her own promiscuity?

    Does she ever travel by public transport in Mumbai or any of the other cities in India? Does she know that men masturbate or touch themselves suggestively standing at the exact spot that the ladies’ compartments of local trains stop on stations? Just so that women standing at the doors or sitting near windows can see them? It is up to the women to turn their eyes away in embarrassment.

    WHY? Why should we be the ones to dress carefully, walk carefully, talk carefully, or just BE alert, cautious, wary, scared, embarrassed?

    As a teenager, my daughter was extremely self-conscious about her rather well-endowed figure. It’s taken me several years of constantly telling her she had nothing to be ashamed of before she became comfortable with her own body. Now if I’m a little wary about wearing something that reveals a hint of cleavage, she shushes me laughing “have it, flaunt it, mother!”

    I am sorry to say that now I am often cautioning my 23-year-old daughter about exactly this. It goes against every grain of what I’ve been taught and what I tried to teach her and her brother, but what else can I do? In the absence of fathers who have failed to teach their sons how to respect women, I have to warn her to be careful about wearing certain clothes in certain areas of the city. By and large she is safe almost everywhere she goes, but there are times when I know a pair of shorts or a low-cut shirt is not appropriate attire. We often get into arguments over this, but most days she agrees with me. It’s not that she believes she will invite rape by dressing like that, it’s more the looks and comments and deliberate attempts to touch that make her — and me –uncomfortable.

    India’s recent success on Mars shows the strides we’ve made in science and technology.
    But I wonder when we’ll make those same strides in our basic attitude toward women. When our daughters will be able to walk on the streets without worry of being brushed against and stared at, without lewd comments being passed at them for wearing a dress or a pair of jeans instead of a churidaar-kurta or a saree. Without us having to tell them “maybe you shouldn’t wear that today”.
    Without Indian women themselves pulling down their compatriots for “OMG their cleavage”!

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    1. THIS.

      Addressing the issue, accepting our inability yet taking a stand inspite of it, raising a girl who is and will keep fighting for her rights, supporting that fight as a mother, a woman, for ALL women.

      THIS is true feminism and not just lip service we see so much of today. THIS is the real deal.

      Thank you, my friend.

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  5. Shame on them. Then as per the article is it also the fault of 6 year old child who got raped in south India? Then I might wonder wat would she have worn and where would she have gone to deserve this. Amen!


  6. I m tired of this accusations on women that they should do this and that to avoid rapes. Time and again I wonder why a school girl of age 6 was gang raped and killed in india? Seeing she can’t possibly have ANY cleavage AT ALL to FLAUNT at those who raped her to evoke some feelings and then was the timing wrong? Is a day time also considered a dangerous time for girls? What about the girl who was kidnapped by the owner of her college canteen I mean that was also done in broad day light. And what about when a doctor does it to his patient does it means that women should not go to hospitals. What about the baby girl who get raped even before properly standing on her feet or the child who was used by those bastards who can’t control themselves and the boys who get raped coz i m sure as hell boys dont have cleavage. its not us the women who r in fault it them the men. Because why then not all men are rapists. They live in the same society NO they come across all kind of women but they DON’T rape them. Stop doing it. Stop using ur shits as ur shield. Its u who need to stop doing it not us. Its men who need to teach DON’T Rape.


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